Grange Hill

Episode #9.8 - S9-E8

Visible crew/equipment: Ziggy and Robbie are running through the playground after their failed raid on the girls' changing room. As they run round a corner, you can see the camera reflected in a ground floor window on the school's main building.

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Episode #2.8 - S2-E8

Audio problem: When Cathy and Trisha are walking to the post office with Mr Hargreaves walking behind them their mouths are not moving in sync with their dialogue. (00:09:55)

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Episode #17.18 - S17-E18

Maria: Do you know what you are, Parrott?
Mr Parrott: Mr Parrott to you.
Maria: A complete prat. The kids know it, the teachers know it, and now it looks like your ex-fiancée has got the message as well.

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Trivia: The main entrance and car park of Grange Hill school used from series eight until series eleven are the same ones that are currently used for the BBC1 series Holby City, they are on site at the BBC Elstree Centre.

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