Grange Hill

Instruments - S5-E5

Visible crew/equipment: In the music lesson when Miss Griffiths restarts the pupils playing the music after Roland has returned to his seat, on the right hand side of the screen a crew member's hand can be seen signalling a cue for the music to start.

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Episode #8.17 - S8-E17

Visible crew/equipment: At the meeting about the school play in the hall, Fay runs out after arguing with Miss Washington and you can see the shadow of the boom mic on Julie's skirt. (00:14:55 - 00:24:48)

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Field Trip - S6-E6

Continuity mistake: When Roland plays his tape recorder on the coach, the woman on the tape says "lightest lemon sponge I've ever tasted - she used to bake, yes I remember, mind you she worked hard that woman..." But in the cafe Roland didn't start recording until she said "mind you she worked hard..."

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