Grange Hill

Episode #4.13 - S4-E13

Revealing mistake: When the drunk Andrew is asleep in the boys' toilet cubicle, the wall shakes when Tommy shuts the outside door when Alan and Justin leave.

Episode #3.13 - S3-E13

Revealing mistake: Doyle is making a chair in woodwork, but as he is fitting one of the legs he hits the chair with a hammer too hard and splits the wood then gets a telling off from Mr Hopwood, the wood was already split before Doyle hit it.

Diary - S5-E14

Revealing mistake: When Mr Scott storms into the woodwork room and starts attacking Mr Hopwood, Duane and Stewpot rush out to fetch Mr Baxter and Stewpot tells Pogo to stay. Pogo then falls backwards against the wall and the whole set moves.

Episode #8.14 - S8-E14

Revealing mistake: In inside shots of the car it is being driven by either Banksie or Jean-paul, but in outside shots there is another man driving the car.

Episode #7.16 - S7-E16

Revealing mistake: When Mr Baxter tumbles down the hill after losing his footing, you can see that it is not Michael Cronin but his stunt double.

Episode #3.1 - S3-E1

Revealing mistake: Karen Stanton supposedly hits Michael Doyle in his nether region with her satchel but she actually hits him below the knees.

Episode #13.8 - S13-E8

Revealing mistake: When Ted and Mauler are walking down the shopping street you can see a young girl standing behind them waving at the camera.

Episode #9.19 - S9-E19

Revealing mistake: When Georgina leaves Mrs McCluskey's office after reporting the video recorder missing the wall shakes as she shuts the door.

Episode #4.4 - S4-E4

Revealing mistake: When Mr. Baxter punches Mr. Hicks you can see that Baxter's fist passes in front of Mr. Hicks face and dosen't actually hit him. Also Hicks' reaction is too late, and his head moves after Baxter's fist has passed him.

Rally - S6-E18

Revealing mistake: In the final scene just before Stewpot and Duane spot Pogo with his girlfriend, at the start of this scene you can see a little boy jump up over the wall and wave to the camera.

Episode #28.16 - S28-E16

Revealing mistake: Alex tries to commit suicide in the swimming pool. Spencer and Baz rescue him by lifting him to the water's surface and floating the unconscious Alex across the water's surface. Just before he reaches the side of the pool the unconscious Alex reaches out and touches the side wall of the pool.

Episode #20.18 - S20-E18

Revealing mistake: Carlene makes Joanna a cup of coffee in the common room after finding her drunk in the toilet. Joanna refuses to drink it and drops the cup, breaking it - it's obvious that there was never any coffee in the cup.

Episode #14.11 - S14-E11

Revealing mistake: When Pete asks Trev and Ted to look after the pizza place so he can take his daughter to hospital, Ted goes outside to speak to Chrissie. You can see a woman and a little girl in a pink dress walk past - the little girl has obviously seen the film crew and can be heard asking her mum "are we on the telly mummy?"

Episode #13.20 - S13-E20

Revealing mistake: After Mike has finished giving evidence at the court, as he comes down the stairs you can see Mauler and Trev waiting behind the door for their cue.

Episode #1.4 - S1-E4

Revealing mistake: When Justin is dropped off out side the school in his father's car you can see Benny behind the fence waiting for his cue.

Episode #10.12 - S10-E12

Revealing mistake: When Freddie is on his bunk listening to his Walkman you can hear the music, but you can see that there is no cassette in the Walkman.

Episode #7.18 - S7-E18

Revealing mistake: At the end when the credits are rolling, Spandau ballet's song "true" is heard playing, but if you look at the disco unit the turntable is revolving, but the arm is not on the record.

Exploration - S5-E10

Revealing mistake: When Mrs. McClusky shuts her office door after Mr. Thomson leaves, the walls wobble.

Outward Bound: Part 1 - S6-E15

Revealing mistake: When Mr Baxter walks into the boys' dormitory, he gets soaked by a bucket of water that is placed over the door. If you look carefully, you can see that Baxter has his eyes closed before the water falls on him.

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