Grange Hill

Episode #2.8 - S2-E8

New this week Plot hole: In this episode Cathy's father comes looking for her, he walked out on his family eleven years ago and had no contact with them during that time. Cathy's mother always told her that her father had died when she was a baby so A) How did Mr Hargreaves know which school Cathy attended? and B) how did he recognize her straight away when he hadn't seen her since she was a year old baby and she was now twelve years old?

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Episode #2.3 - S2-E3

New this month Plot hole: Miss Summers tells her class that they have the afternoon off school due to an emergency staff meeting. Penny and Suzi leave the room with the other pupils, Miss Summers stays sitting at her desk. As the two girls are walking down the corridor out of school they stop outside the room that the meeting is in to listen. Miss Summers opens the door and tells them to go away - how did she get to the meeting when she was still sitting at her desk when Penny and Suzi left the room?

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Season 12 generally

Plot hole: When Danny Kendall first appears in series 9 (1986) he is in the third year, then the fourth year in series 10 (1987) but in series 11 (1988) he is put down a year to help him catch up with work he missed as he was in hospital for most of his fourth year. But in series 12 (1989) he is in the fifth year when he would be aged sixteen going on seventeen and he would not be legally obliged to stay on at school, as sixteen was the legal school leaving age then. When Danny died in series 12 the school planted a tree in his memory with a plaque in front of it giving his birth date as 8th January 1973 and death date as 22nd January 1989. His birth date should have been 8th January 1972, as he would have been seventeen years old when he died.

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