Grange Hill

Grange Hill (1978)

4 mistakes in season 16

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Episode #16.16 - S16-E16

Plot hole: Becky finds the photocopies of Natasha's diary pages in Nick's locker. They all fall out onto the floor as she opens the door, she picks them all up and puts them back inside the locker. Later on at home Becky is reading the diary page about herself - where did she get it from, when she put all the copies back into Nick's locker?

Episode #16.14 - S16-E14

Character mistake: In episode 12 Robyn Stone celebrates her fifteenth birthday, but in this episode while she is in Mary's caravan watching the TV news report about her disappearance, the news reader gives her age as fourteen.

Episode #16.14 - S16-E14

Continuity mistake: After Fran has read the diary page about herself she rushes off to the common room and is right behind Richard, Ray and Nick, but when she enters the common room, Richard, Ray and Nick are already inside sitting down.

Season 16 generally

Continuity mistake: Robyn celebrates her birthday in episode 12, and as she's in year 10, that would make her 15. However, when she runs away in episode 14, her age is said to be 14.

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