Grange Hill

Grange Hill (1978)

7 mistakes in season 10

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Episode #10.9 - S10-E9

Visible crew/equipment: In registration just after Mr Scott says "I'm not going to tolerate anymore of this behaviour" a boom mike shadow can be seen on the blackboard.

Episode #10.24 - S10-E24

Continuity mistake: In the final scene at the party when the conga starts, Julie is at the front followed by Freddie, Jackie, Zammo, Mrs McClusky, Ronnie, Gonch, Louise, an extra, Calley, Robbie wearing an orange and green party hat and Trev. Then when the conga goes through the door and out into the playground the first 5 are the same, followed by Ronnie (who is now wearing a party hat), Gonch, Mrs Reagan, Jane, Hollo, Calley, Robbie (now wearing a yellow party hat), Cheryl and Trev (who is now wearing the hat Robbie was wearing). As the conga goes round the playground Hollo disappears from the line up and Louise moves further back.

Episode #10.19 - S10-E19

Visible crew/equipment: As Mr Glover drives off after dropping Julia off at school you can see the camera and its operator reflected in the windows of Mr Glover's car.

Episode #10.4 - S10-E4

Visible crew/equipment: After picking up Harriet from the stables the camera and some crew members can be seen reflected in the side of Mr. Griffiths' van after he shuts the driver's door.

Episode #10.9 - S10-E9

Visible crew/equipment: When Banskie opens the door of Bronson's car in the school car park the camera and its operator are reflected in the car window.

Episode #10.24 - S10-E24

Visible crew/equipment: At the presentation when Mrs. McClusky introduces Mr. Owen, you can see a boom mike shadow on his bald head.

Episode #10.12 - S10-E12

Revealing mistake: When Freddie is on his bunk listening to his Walkman you can hear the music, but you can see that there is no cassette in the Walkman.

Season 5 generally

Trivia: Future supermodel Naomi Campbell appears throughout series 5 as an uncredited extra.

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