Grange Hill

Episode #10.4 - S10-E4

Continuity mistake: When Mr Griffiths is driving Harriet back to grange hill in his van he pulls up outside some shops for a few seconds in between parking and leaving there are different vehicles parked behind the van.

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Episode #10.24 - S10-E24

Continuity mistake: In the final scene at the party when the conga starts, Julie is at the front followed by Freddie, Jackie, Zammo, Mrs McClusky, Ronnie, Gonch, Louise, an extra, Calley, Robbie wearing an orange and green party hat and Trev. Then when the conga goes through the door and out into the playground the first 5 are the same, followed by Ronnie (who is now wearing a party hat), Gonch, Mrs Reagan, Jane, Hollo, Calley, Robbie (now wearing a yellow party hat), Cheryl and Trev (who is now wearing the hat Robbie was wearing). As the conga goes round the playground Hollo disappears from the line up and Louise moves further back.

Episode #2.8 - S2-E8

Audio problem: When Cathy and Trisha are walking to the post office with Mr Hargreaves walking behind them their mouths are not moving in sync with their dialogue. (00:09:55)

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Episode #9.11 - S9-E11

Imelda: I'm gonna get my dad down here to sort you out.
Mr Baxter: You do that, get your whole family down here, I expect they'll be glad to hear you've been nicking money off first year students. You get them all down here, tell them to wear a funny hat and we'll have a party.

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