Grange Hill

Episode #26.7 - S26-E7

Continuity mistake: Leah and Shannon are in the computer room - Mr Malachy comes in and talks to Leah, Leah's hair is loose. The angle changes when Malachy leaves the room and Leah's hair is now neatly tucked behind her ear.

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Episode #26.19 - S26-E19

Continuity mistake: When Hudson is setting up the equipment for the sports day Shannon jumps on the mattress in front of him and her jumper lifts up, exposing her midriff. When the angle switches to behind Hudson, Shannon's jumper is tucked in to her jeans and her legs have also changed position.

Season 26 generally

Continuity mistake: Tanya and Karen Young are step sisters. In this series Tanya says her family came about by her father marrying Karen's mother, but in later series it had changed round, with Karen's dad marrying Tanya's mum.

Field Trip - S6-E6

Continuity mistake: When Roland plays his tape recorder on the coach, the woman on the tape says "lightest lemon sponge I've ever tasted - she used to bake, yes I remember, mind you she worked hard that woman..." But in the cafe Roland didn't start recording until she said "mind you she worked hard..."

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Episode #9.11 - S9-E11

Imelda: I'm gonna get my dad down here to sort you out.
Mr Baxter: You do that, get your whole family down here, I expect they'll be glad to hear you've been nicking money off first year students. You get them all down here, tell them to wear a funny hat and we'll have a party.

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