Grange Hill

Episode #12.20 - S12-E20

New this month Continuity mistake: While the end credits are rolling Mr McKenzie is taking a photo of Trev and Helen dancing. Behind them Gonch is dancing with Mandy. The angle changes and Gonch is now dancing with Calley.

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Episode #12.7 - S12-E7

Continuity mistake: When Fiona and Calley are watching Ronnie on her new moped she does a right turn, passing a grey BMW waiting to turn right in the opposite direction. The angle changes and the BMW has disappeared as Ronnie rides over the same part of the road again. Also more parked cars have appeared on the road behind her.

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Episode #12.9 - S12-E9

Continuity mistake: Ronnie arrives at school on her moped and parks next to a blue car that Vince is hiding behind - she removes her helmet, the camera cuts to Ziggy shouting at Vince, and when the camera cuts back to Vince, Ronnie takes her helmet off a second time.

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Episode #12.13 - S12-E13

Continuity mistake: After Mr. McKenzie and the coach driver have loaded the coach boot Mac calls the driver Neil, but when they reach the ferry terminal the same coach driver's name is Tom.

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