Desperate Housewives

Searching - S7-E16

Other mistake: Lynette says "I also have a 9 year old", but on Penny's birthday not long before that she turned 11, and the only younger sibling Penny has is the baby.

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Suggested correction: And in the episode with Penny's 11th birthday, her parents forgot it was her birthday and in the last minute of planning, her birthday cake said "Polly." Hard to say if it was intentional to show what kind of mother she is or accidental/bad script writing.


Literally addressed in the show, she said she put the wrong name because they had been discussing the name for the baby.

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Plot hole: When Zach Young's grandfather died, Zach was said to be the sole heir of the fortune. However, Noah Taylor (the grandfather) had a daughter that appeared several times while Mike Delfino was looking for Deirdre. Where was Kendra Taylor while Zachary Young was spending Noah's fortune on dresses for Gabrielle Solis? Why didn't she claim her share? She simply disappeared.

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Bree Van De Kamp: It's the age-old question, isn't it? How much do we really want to know about our neighbours?

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Question: Where did Kayla go? When did they get rid of her and where did she go? And which episode is it?

Answer: Kayla was sent away in episode 16 (The Gun Song) in season 4, after falsely accusing Lynette of child abuse. She now lives with her grandparents - probably Nora's parents.

I'm curious why we never see her again, why she never talked about, and why Tom never mentions visiting her.

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