Desperate Housewives

Trivia: Ricardo Antonio Chavira was almost replaced as Carlos Solis because the producers felt his acting was stiff in the Pilot.

City on Fire - S5-E8

Trivia: The person playing "Jackson" in this episode is a stand in for the entire episode, as the actor who normally plays him was unavailable for filming due to a severe motorcycle accident.

There Won't Be Trumpets - S1-E17

Trivia: Bree and Lynette are walking to Juanita's funeral. In the original broadcast Bree said, "You have to hand it to Gabi and Carlos. They do grief better than anyone." However, her mouth doesn't say "Gabi and Carlos," but rather "the Catholics", and the audio has a noticeable change at that point. Also, the closed captioning just says "them". It seems that the line was changed in post-production with an overdub, possibly due to the Pope dying around the same time. The correct version is on the DVD.


Trivia: Bree has been proposed to eight times throughout the series. Once by the man she turned down for Rex, then by Rex, George, Orson, Karl, Keith, Chuck, and presumably Chip as well.


Trivia: Kathryn Joosten died on 2 June 2012, twenty days after the on-screen death from cancer of her character, Karen McCluskey, on the final episode of the show.

My Husband, the Pig - S3-E16

Trivia: This is the first episode not to feature Marcia Cross (Bree). Cross was already four to five months pregnant and took maternity leave from this point until the end of the season. Her stand-in was used for her appearance at the beginning.

Trivia: Before being cast as Katherine Mayfair, Dana Delany auditioned for the role of Bree van der Kamp and was offered the part. But after much thought she decided to turn down the role, saying it was too similar to her role in Pasadena.

Trivia: Series 3 Episode 5: During the opening scenes while Mary Alice is narrating "a cable cut just as the husband's friends arrive," Chris Walters ("Major Victory" from the Sci-Fi channel's reality show Who Wants To Be A Super Hero?) can be seen as one of the "husband's friends".

Trivia: Season 3 Episode 1: At the beginning of this episode when Carolyn walks in on Orson cleaning up, and asks where Alma is, the parrot replies, "Orson no, Orson no!" This is a reference to Kyle MacLachlan's former role in the series "Twin Peaks" when during a murder investigation, a clue is given by a bird named Waldo screeching, "Leo no, Leo no!"

Trivia: Almost all of the series' episode titles are either a line from or the title of a Stephen Sondheim song.

Trivia: Season 3 Episode 21: Although Edie's ex-husband is called "Charles McLain", his name is never mentioned in the episode.

Season 1 generally

Trivia: In series 1, Richard Roundtree appears as Mr Shaw, who works for the Hafts Detective Agency. "Hafts" is an anagram of "Shaft" who was played by Roundtree in the 1971 film of the same name.

Show generally

Plot hole: When Zach Young's grandfather died, Zach was said to be the sole heir of the fortune. However, Noah Taylor (the grandfather) had a daughter that appeared several times while Mike Delfino was looking for Deirdre. Where was Kendra Taylor while Zachary Young was spending Noah's fortune on dresses for Gabrielle Solis? Why didn't she claim her share? She simply disappeared.

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Silly People - S2-E14

Carlos: You know who you are, Gaby? You're the kind of person who would have turned away Mary and Joseph from the inn.
Gabrielle: Well, they should have called ahead.

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Show generally

Question: Where did Kayla go? When did they get rid of her and where did she go? And which episode is it?

Answer: Kayla was sent away in episode 16 (The Gun Song) in season 4, after falsely accusing Lynette of child abuse. She now lives with her grandparents - probably Nora's parents.

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