Desperate Housewives

Come in, Stranger - S1-E5

Trivia: Teri Hatcher cracked a rib whilst filming the scene where Susan falls on a wedding cake.

There Won't Be Trumpets - S1-E17

Trivia: Bree and Lynette are walking to Juanita's funeral. In the original broadcast Bree said, "You have to hand it to Gabi and Carlos. They do grief better than anyone." However, her mouth doesn't say "Gabi and Carlos," but rather "the Catholics", and the audio has a noticeable change at that point. Also, the closed captioning just says "them". It seems that the line was changed in post-production with an overdub, possibly due to the Pope dying around the same time. The correct version is on the DVD.


Season 1 generally

Trivia: In series 1, Richard Roundtree appears as Mr Shaw, who works for the Hafts Detective Agency. "Hafts" is an anagram of "Shaft" who was played by Roundtree in the 1971 film of the same name.

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