One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill (2003)

1 corrected entry in season 2

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I Will Dare - S2-E5

Corrected entry: As part of his dare, Lucas gets pictures taken with Anna in a photo booth. They have 3 pictures taken in the booth together and then the last picture is her in the booth by herself. Anna cuts the pictures in half and gives half to Lucas. At the end of the show, we see that Lucas has 2 pictures of them together, and she also has 2 pictures. What happened to the picture of her by herself? And don't you only get 4 pictures in a booth?

Correction: If you do the math of what is said, it all adds up to four, Anna has two - one of her and him, one of just herself, Lucas has two - both of her and him. Three pictures were taken of both of them, one of just Anna, at the end combined they have four pictures.

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Mouth: What are we waiting for? All we have is NOW.



Lucas is seen placing flowers on Keith's tombstone, which states he died on January 23, 2006. In the next shot Lucas places a single flower on the grave of Jimmy Edwards, who died the same day and in the same scene as Keith, yet his tombstone states that he died on March 1, 2006.



In one of the first episodes of the second season, Brooke is talking to Peyton about Lucas, and she says "love triangles are so last season". In the first season, Brooke, Peyton, and Lucas were in a love triangle.