One Tree Hill

Trivia: In one of the first episodes of the second season, Brooke is talking to Peyton about Lucas, and she says "love triangles are so last season". In the first season, Brooke, Peyton, and Lucas were in a love triangle.

Spirit in the Night - S1-E17

Trivia: Near the end of the episode, Brooke rips up the photo with Lucas and Peyton next to her. She is in the middle and in feng shui (which Brooke believes in), it says never to have a picture in your room with 3 people in it, as the person in the middle will be separated from the other two, which happened; Brooke was separated from Peyton and Lucas.

Trivia: Gavin DeGraw had released the song "I Don't Want To Be" on his album 2 years before the show ever aired and only after it became the theme song did it go platinum.

Ashes of Dreams You Let Die - S4-E19

Trivia: When Nathan confronts principle Turner about Haley's valedictory speech, there's a picture frame of Turner's wife and daughter on his desk but that isn't his family. It's Tony Battle's, Nathan's friend from High Flyers, mother and sister. (00:32:10)

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Dan Scott: I should apologize... but I won't.

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Like You Like an Arsonist - S3-E1

Question: I'm confused. Haley returns at the end of season 2 - aka the beginning of summer. But in season 3 episode 1 present day (3 months later) she is looking for a place to stay and greeting her friends as if she just got there. Where the heck did she go after Nathan left for High Flyers?

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