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One Tree Hill (2003)

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Every Night Is Another Story - S1-E6

Corrected entry: When Peyton, Haley, and Brooke are in the car after leaving the school (where the away game was), Brooke throws her pom-poms out the window. She is shown in the car throwing one. Then you see her throw her other one out (this view is from outside of the car). Then the camera shows Brooke back in the car. She then throws another pom-pom out the window.

Correction: Brooke does throw both of her pom-poms out of the window, but the third one she throws is actually one of Peyton's.

Every Night Is Another Story - S1-E6

Corrected entry: When Lucas and Nathan attempt to steal the thugs' car they have little success since the back tire is bogged in the mud and they bail. However a few minutes later the thugs can be seen driving the same car around looking for Nathan and Lucas, but the thugs couldn't be driving the car for two reasons: The back wheel is bogged deep in the mud, and Nathan has the key to the car.

Correction: When Lucas and Nathan are in the car, they bail. Nathan does not take the keys which would able the "thugs", who are really their opponents from the game they had just played, to drive the car.

To Wish Impossible Things - S1-E18

Corrected entry: While Haley and Lucas are having a water balloon fight, Lucas is shown throwing balloons with his right arm. This is the arm he supposedly has seriously injured after a car crash. Strange how he's not in any pain.

Correction: His arm has obviously healed as he is no longer wearing the sling either. We aren't told how far into the future this episode is.

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Mouth: What are we waiting for? All we have is NOW.



Lucas is seen placing flowers on Keith's tombstone, which states he died on January 23, 2006. In the next shot Lucas places a single flower on the grave of Jimmy Edwards, who died the same day and in the same scene as Keith, yet his tombstone states that he died on March 1, 2006.



In one of the first episodes of the second season, Brooke is talking to Peyton about Lucas, and she says "love triangles are so last season". In the first season, Brooke, Peyton, and Lucas were in a love triangle.