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Corrected entry: In several episodes during season 5, Brooke can is seen making phone calls on her iPhone. If you look at the screen of the phone while she's supposed to be talking to someone, it is usually on the contacts page or home screen, not the actual screen that would be there were she really connected to a call.

Correction: Actually, while speaking to someone on an Iphone, you can change the display to go to another screen while still connected to the call.

Show generally

Corrected entry: In season 3 episode 9 - How a Resurrection Really Feels: at the end when Nathan and Haley are about to have sex in their bed you see Haley's hand. Her wedding band is on her left hand ring finger then when Nathan entwines his hand with hers, the ring is on the baby finger of her right hand.

Correction: If you watch the whole show, from series one, Haley is hardly ever seen without the ring on her baby finger - it is not her wedding band, she had it before they got married, it is even shown on the picture on the box of series one.

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