Crossing Jordan

Crossing Jordan (2001)

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Reporter: The way I see it you and I are on the same team here. The only difference is you're looking for a cause of death and I'm looking for a by-line.
Jordan: You keep following me you'll be looking for a hospital.

Nigel: I'm so glad you decided to go undercover Woody. You're blending right in.
Woody: Sorry, I didn't get the memo. Did you sew those pants on yourself?

Macy: I really don't like you.
DA Rene Walcott: Right back at you.
Macy: I mean not at all.
DA Rene Walcott: I get it. Just kiss me.

Jordan: Garret, have you gotten any recently?
Macy: Pardon me?
Jordan: You heard me. How long has it been?
Macy: We are not having this conversation.

Dr. Trey Sanders: How do you know all this, Nigel?
Dr. Nigel Townsend: Insomnia and the History Channel. It's a lethal combination.

Dr. Nigel Townsend: Jordan, you should know that last night will never happen again.
Jordan: Oh God, what are we talking about here?
Dr. Nigel Townsend: My new image in the workplace. No more Nigel-the-computer-jockey. Okay, I was swept up in the moment, but now it's truly done.

Jordan: Hey Woods, whats it like kissing your sister?

Dr. Nigel Townsend: I paid seven homeless people to go dumpster diving for me.
Macy: Who's money did you use?
Dr. Nigel Townsend: Yours.

Macy: Why would you want to have sex six times in one day? I mean, come on, we're people not Bunnies.
Lily: Dr.Macy said Bunnies.

Bug: She saw my name on the directory and a big sign on my forehead that said dumbass.

Jordan: Look... You guys get along. I need you to talk to him.
Woody: He pulled a gun on me.
Jordan: That's bonding for him. He feels comfortable with you.
Woody: He said he was going to shoot me.
Jordan: You see... You guys are closer than I thought.

Jordan: Traffic control command center has cameras all over the city, right?
Detective Carver: Most of the sections, yeah.
Jordan: I know 'cause I keep getting sent pictures of myself running red lights.

Bug: I pulled tissue samples from John Doe and cross-referenced his biological data with local insect activity and came up with a time of death.
Jordan: That's my Bug.
Bug: Eleven days, four hours.
Detective Matt Seely: Four hours?
Bug: Well... Give or take.

Nigel: Look, I don't know how much you know about Jordan, but-.
Jordan: She's an enormous pain in the ass.

Jordan: Whenever I start to get close to someone this little voice starts screaming in my head. Run, fast. Crazy. Messed up. Cuckoo. I wish I could promise you it won't happen again, but it probably will.

Jordan: He's lucky I didn't kick him in the nuts. What? It wouldn't be the first time.

Det. Winslow: You looked good holding that baby, maybe you should think about popping one out.
Jordan: Yeah, or maybe I should pop my foot up your ass.

Macy: You okay, man?
Dr. Peter Winslow: Yeah. I'm just not used to working on bodies that are still bleeding.

Dr. Peter Winslow: So... We're looking for a missing girl and a guy who doesn't exist. Hmmm... That's challenging.
Lily: Tell me about it.

Devan Maguire: You know, I've been trying to shake the whole cheerleader image for years. Is it really that bad?
Dr. Nigel Townsend: Keep trying, luv.

He Said, She Said - S3-E11

Continuity mistake: When Bug speaks with the beautiful widow the second time, about performing a noninvasive autopsy on her husband, her long hair continually changes position in the shots that face her.

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