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Corrected entry: In the opening theme, when Peggy hands Hank the trash bag, his beer just disappears from his hand.


Correction: The opening theme isn't a continuous shot, it's a montage that take place over the course of the day. The 4 are just shown to be constantly drinking, but not from the same can, and at some point during the day they throw the empty cans away and get a new one. If you pause it before Peggy shows up, you'll see all 4 of the guys have no beer cans in their hand before Peggy hands Hank the trash. But again, as a montage it's only meant to show they had finished their beers and before they could get new ones, Peggy comes out.

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Corrected entry: In the episode where Luanne's mother, Lee Ann, comes back, Hank says that Luanne's father (Peggy's brother) is hiding out on an oil rig in the Gulf Coast. However, in a Thanksgiving episode (the one where everyone is stuck at the airport), it's mentioned that Luanne's father is in Montana.

Correction: Luanne's father was nearly always in jail, so they always made something up about where he was instead so she wouldn't get upset.

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Corrected entry: In the episode with Santa Ana's wooden leg. After Dale has made Cotton the fake driver's license, he holds it up and you can already see part of the word "Cheerios", showing that Dale used a cereal box to make it. Cotton would obviously notice when he took the license.

Correction: Saying what a character would or wouldn't do does not add up to a mistake. Cotton needed a license and while one could argue whether or not he noticed it was made from a cereal box he didn't care either way.

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Corrected entry: In the episode where the family visits Peggy's family's ranch in Montana, Peggy's mother is mad because Peggy didn't stay on the ranch and marry the neighbors' son. However, in an earlier Valentine's Day episode, where Peggy learned that Hank had mono, we saw Peggy and Hank as a couple in high school, with Peggy going to West Arlen High. This means that she was not living in Montana as a young adult (or at an age when her mother thought she would be old enough to marry).

Correction: At what age can a mother start fantasizing about her child marrying the neighbor's kid?


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Corrected entry: Dale says "I'm not a quitter. Hell, I've been smoking for thirty years." Dale and most of the adults on the show are in their late thirties. He can't have been smoking for that long, unless he started when he was seven or eight.

Correction: Like the submitter says, Dale could have started early. I have actually heard of people who started smoking when they were nine, and it is not impossible that Dale started when he was that age. It is also possible that he exaggerated, and had been smoking for, say, 28 years, which would make him approximately 12 when he started.


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