Star Trek

Miri - S1-E8

Corrected entry: When Spock goes outside to scan the area he looks at the building directly in front of him, but when the child rubs away the dirt on the window Spock is seen looking at the ground to his right. But in the next shot Spock is looking directly at the building again.


Correction: When Spock comes out, and sends the guards off, he begins to look at, and scan with, his tricorder, and routinely glancing at the buildings, keeping mindful of possible attack in a possibly hostile situation. When seen through to cleaned spot, he is still performing the actions.

Movie Nut

Miri - S1-E8

Corrected entry: The landing party is out of contact with the Enterprise for two days because of the missing communicators. Wouldn't the Enterprise notice at some point and beam down some more, or make some other attempt to contact Kirk & Co.?

Correction: Before Kirk and co. loses their communicators, Kirk contacts the Enterprise and says that there should be no attempt to come down for fear of spreading the virus. The proof is they beam something down to Bones to help manufacture a vaccine.

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