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Corrected entry: Jeffrey Hunter, who played Jesus in King of Kings, was the original captain of the USS Enterprise, namely Christopher Pike.

Correction: This is hardly trivia. He played Pike in the rejected pilot, which was subsequently released (and used in flashbacks), so anyone watching would know this.

Jason Hoffman

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Corrected entry: Romulans come from the planet Romulus, which has a nearby twin called Remus. These planets are named for the mythical founders of Rome, the twin sons of the war god Mars and the Vestal Rhea Silvia. But Romulans would not know about ancient Earth history, so it seems unlikely that they would name their planets after our mythology and refer to themselves as "Romulans."

Mark Bernhard

Correction: They didn't, any more than the Vulcans chose to name their planet after the Roman god of fire. These are simply the names given to those worlds by the humans - the universal translator is programmed to use Romulus and Remus to replace the true names of the planets. The same follows with the species name.

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