Star Trek

The Naked Time - S1-E4

New this month Corrected entry: Scotty is cutting through the bulkhead to get to the controls to open the door to get to engineering, but considering the time left, why not just blast through the door itself?


New this month Correction: Think about it... He would be firing a weapon towards the door that has the engineering section where there are anti-matter reactors.

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The Naked Time - S1-E4

Corrected entry: When Dr. McCoy is doing the surgery on Joe's wound, the indicators on the the medical readout screen are in different positions even though they all appeared to be dropping.


Correction: The indicators for the bio bed would naturally be in different positions, indicating the different levels of Joe's vitals as they fluctuate. Granted, they were dropping, indicating he was dying, but until the body stopped, the instruments of that time would read out every beat until there was nothing to read.

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The Naked Time - S1-E4

Corrected entry: Spock starts to lose control of his emotions and is desperately struggling with himself. He goes into a room and the automatic doors open for him. As they close behind him, Spock leans back against the doors. The doors should sense something approaching and open again, depositing our heroic Vulcan on his back in the corridor.

Correction: Throughout all Star Trek series, it is obvious that the computer monitors doors, and knows when to open them or not. For example, the doors of someone's quarters don't automatically open when a visitor arrives, the doors stay closed while the person 'rings the doorbell'. So, when someone leans back against a set of doors, the computer would keep them shut, to avoid the person falling backwards.

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