Episode Title Mistakes
Season 2
12 True Lies 1
13 It's Not Easy Being Greene 2
14 The Right Thing 5
15 Baby Shower 2
16 The Healers 1
17 The Match Game 0
18 A Shift in the Night 0
19 Fire in the Belly 4
20 Fevers of Unknown Origin 0
21 Take These Broken Wings 0
22 John Carter, M.D. 1
Season 3
Season 3 generally 0
1 Dr. Carter, I Presume 3
2 Let the Games Begin 2
3 Don't Ask, Don't Tell 1
4 Last Call 1
5 Ghosts 1
6 Fear of Flying 2
7 No Brain, No Gain 1
8 Union Station 0

Chicago Heat - S1-E7

Visible crew/equipment: After Dr. Benton talks to the police detective and then goes to see the grocery store owner, as Dr. Benton swings open the doors, the camera crew can be seen in the reflection of the glass of the door.

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Robert Romano: The operation was a screaming success if your desired outcome was paralysis.

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Trivia: Every episode has the patient list by the nurse's station. On the patient list, different names are mentioned, like Marguiles or Tierney. They put these names there as a spoof of the show.

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Show generally

Question: Does anybody know what the episode was called where that helicopter severed Romano's arm? I'm pretty sure it was season 8.

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