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Let It Snow - S15-E9

Other mistake: Sam is in the bathroom washing her hands. As she goes to leave, 'Ladies Room' is on the glass of the door, however it is oriented facing the inside of the room. It should appear backwards so it would be seen correctly from the outside, not inside. (00:39:52)


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Suggested correction: This shot opens on a closeup of Sam's hands under the faucet, as she stands at the sink washing her face, in front of the mirror on the wall over the sink. Watch as the camera faces the mirror, so it's Sam's reflection drying her face and walking out the bathroom door. "Ladies room" is printed on the exterior side of the door's glass window. From the interior side the words are reversed, but since the camera faces the mirror, viewers see the reflection of the words the right way, not reversed.

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Doug Ross: Dr. Weaver and the sound of her own voice. A love story.

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Trivia: Doug Ross frequently hung his head low, appearing ashamed or thoughtful or privately amused, depending on the scene. This wasn't just an element of the character: George Clooney had taken to writing his lines on papers, sheets, and other props.

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Answer: A man named Paul Sobriki comes into the ER in the season 6 episode 13 " All in the Family." He is complaining of headaches, Carter and Lucy decide to rule out meningitis and do a lumber puncture. Paul struggles during the procedure and believes that both doctors are stabbing him. Lucy, who is interested in Psych thinks something is wrong with their patient mentally, but Carter is dismissive of her. She gets cross with his attitude and she calls the psych department anyway to have a look at him. Later on and near the closing 20 minutes or so of the episode, all the staff start playing loud music and get a cake which appears to be blue lol, together to party as it's Valentines Day, Carter returns from somewhere and asks where Lucy is. He goes to check one of the rooms for her and Paul Sobriki comes up behind him in the dark and stabs him twice in the lower back, he collapses and as he falls unconscious he sees Lucy on the ground also. In the next episode, Be Still My Heart (ep 14), Dr Weaver discovers them and all of the staff work to try and save them, whilst Carter survives. Lucy's wounds are fatal and suffers a pulmonary embolism as Corday and Romano try to save her. Carter is grief stricken and feels guilty about the way he treated her, he becomes addicted to painkillers and Benton, Greene all help him and book him into rehab.

Answer: Lucy and Carter were stabbed by a patient she had suspected of having mental problems. Lucy died and Carter survived only to become addicted to painkillers.

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