SpongeBob SquarePants

Boating Buddies/The Krabby Kronicle - S6-E9

Other mistake: In "Krabby Kronicle," when the two scientists exit Sandy's air dome, there are bubbles trailing behind them.


Sandy's Rocket / Squeaky Boots - S1-E8

Other mistake: In the episode "Sandy's Rocket", Spongebob and Patrick go "alien-hunting." SpongeBob and Patrick are in Squidward's house. But when SpongeBob holds the hot water bottle, and he says "No, it's an egg-sack!", one of the drops leaking from the bottle goes up instead of down.


Gullible Pants/Overbooked - S6-E19

Other mistake: In the episode where SpongeBob has to do 3 things in 1 night, near the end, they all get frustrated for not doing their tasks. Look at Mr. Krabs. He runs over to SpongeBob and behind him is bubbles. Impossible, because in Sandy's dome is air.

Show generally

Other mistake: In "SpongeBob and the Clash of Triton," the title card says it is called "Neptune's Party," thus making it a wrong title.

Jellyfishing / Plankton! - S1-E3

Other mistake: In "Jellyfishing", when SpongeBob and Patrick walk back to their houses covered in bandages, when SpongeBob says "Hey, Patrick." Patrick is mouthing what SpongeBob says.


The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom/Bubble Buddy Returns - S8-E15

Other mistake: Mr. Krabs pours Sandy's growth serum on a patty. It grows, and Spongebob scrapes some off to construct individual patties from the larger one. The larger one then continues to grow, but the individual ones do not, even though they are all the same meat.

Show generally

Other mistake: Always in the older episodes (and sometimes in the newer ones), when a fish in the background takes his/her second bite of a sandwich, the sandwich still looks like the first mark. It does this on every bite after the first.

Krabby Land / The Camping Episode - S3-E19

Other mistake: In "Krabby Land", Mr. Krabs as "Krabby The Clown" finishes his short speech and goes into his office. When he slams the door, bubbles float up and those bubbles stay motionless in the air for a few frames.


MuscleBob BuffPants / Squidward, the Unfriendly Ghost - S1-E11

Other mistake: When Squidward is on the royal bed, Spongebob's Pineapple is nowhere in sight.


Grandma's Kisses / Squidville - S2-E9

Other mistake: At the end of Grandma's Kisses, Harold "Bill" is olive green.


Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV / Doing Time - S3-E1

Other mistake: When the citizens pop out of Sponge Bob's holes near the end of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy 4, if you look closely, Sandy's head is gone except her eyes and nose.


Gullible Pants/Overbooked - S6-E19

Other mistake: In Overbooked, when Patrick tells Sponge-Bob about his birthday, Sponge-bob put a Krabby patty in his pants. In the next scene when you see Sponge-Bob, the patty is gone.

Pest of the West - S5-E16

Other mistake: When SpongeBob finds SpongeBuck's page on the Family Histories of Bikini Bottom book, the writing is some sort of Russian. If SpongeBuck spoke English, I hardly think he would write the page in Russian.

Casual Person

The Splinter/Slide Whistle Stooges - S6-E5

Other mistake: When Spongebob is trying to yank the spatula out of the ceiling, he says "Whoo, this thing is stuck pretty good." You can see he yanked out the spatula all the way, then put it back into the ceiling.


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