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Tentomon: The name's Mon... Tento Mon.

Davis: Hey, it's getting pretty dark in these woods. Here, Kari, I'll hold your hand so you won't get scared.
Kari: I'm not scared.
T.K.: And it's not her hand... it's mine.

Mimi: I knew I should have gone to cheerleading camp.

Mimi: I want my own bed, my own bathroom, and I'm even starting to miss my baby brother.

Davis: Did you see that? I got a noogie, that means I'm one of the guys now.
DemiVeemon: I have a question. If you're one of the guys now, does that mean you used to be one of the girls, and how come you never told me about it? I wish you humans would just make up your minds.

Digimon Emperor: Hahahahahahahahahahaaaa... oh, it's not that funny.

Takato Matsuki: Sorry to wake you up so late.
Henry Wong: That's okay. I was just sleeping.
Terriermon: And not just sleeping... snoring too.

Recording on telephone: This number only exists in your imagination. Please hang up and don't call back.

Icedevimon: Why waste yourself with beauty when you can tame the beast?

Wizardmon: Are you okay, Gatomon?
Gatomon: You saved me. I'm sorry.
Wizardmon: For what?
Gatomon: Sorry I got you involved in this.
Wizardmon: Don't be sorry. I don't have any regrets. If I hadn't met you, my life would've had no meaning. I'm glad that you and I became friends.
Gatomon: That's forever.

Henry: Maybe it doesn't matter what card we use, Rika.
Rika: Okay, did that pig monster eat your brain?

Davis: You can't do this. You're just a kid like me.
Digimon Emperor: No, I'm not just like you. If I was, I would be the one hanging off the cliff.

Puppetmon: All I wanted to do was play a little game of war with T.K.
Takeru "T.K." Takashi: Oh, play? You mean like... pretend?
Puppetmon: But of course. At least at first it will be make believe, anyway. But then it's bye bye, and it will be time to destroy you for real. If I got rid of you now, I'd have no fun.

Takeru "T.K." Takashi: When you can't think of anything to say, do you always resort to fighting?
Ken: I guess.
Takeru "T.K." Takashi: That's your problem. You don't know when to talk and when to fight. Now's a good time to talk... on the other hand... it's also a good time to fight.

Koromon: My name's Koromon. And we're partners.
Tai: Koromon? That means... talking head?
Koromon: It means brave little warrior. And don't forget it, Tai.

Digimon Emperor: Like sands in the hourglass, so are your friends' lives.

Takato Matsuki: Mom, Dad, why are girls so crazy?
Yoshie Matsuki: They're not. Their husbands make them that way.

Ken: You will bow before me.
Takeru "T.K." Takashi: Sorry, the floor's kind of dirty.

Wargreymon: There is no need for us to fight.
Metalgarurumon: I must.

Rika: I don't get it. Where could he have gone?
Henry: Not too far I imagine. Looks like he was hurt pretty bad.
Rika: It's his own fault. It wouldn't have been so bad if he had a partner.
Henry: Rika... you do have a heart.

Season 1 generally

Plot hole: When the DigiDestined return to the real world, Izzy states that only a few minutes have passed by despite the weeks that have elapsed in the DigiWorld. However, in an earlier episode, Tai returns to the real world for hours and upon his return to the DigiWorld, only a few weeks have passed by.

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Trivia: Many people think that Gabumon is a dog-like digimon, but he is a lizard dressed in a Garurumon fur.

Dan Moat

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Biyomon Gets Firepower - S1-E4

Question: Why did Meramon act like he was in pain from his own flames by yelling "aah, I'm burning, too hot!" while sliding down Mihirashi mountain? Palmon says there's no reason he should be in pain from his own flames-that's his nature.

Answer: He was in pain from the black gear that was stuck inside of his body.

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