Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally 1
Season 1
Season 1 generally 1
1 And So It Begins... 0
2 The Birth of Greymon 0
3 Garurumon 0
4 Biyomon Gets Firepower 0
5 Kabuterimon's Electro Shocker 0
6 Togemon in Toy Town 0
7 Ikkakumon's Harpoon Torpedo 0
8 Evil Shows His Face 0
9 Subzero Ice Punch! 0
10 A Clue from the Digi-Past 0
11 The Dancing Digimon 0
12 DigiBaby Boom 0
13 The Legend of the Digidestined 0
14 Departure for a New Continent 0
15 The Dark Network of Etemon 1
16 The Arrival of Skullgreymon 0
17 The Crest of Sincerity 1
18 The Piximon Cometh 0

Season 1 generally

Plot hole: When the DigiDestined return to the real world, Izzy states that only a few minutes have passed by despite the weeks that have elapsed in the DigiWorld. However, in an earlier episode, Tai returns to the real world for hours and upon his return to the DigiWorld, only a few weeks have passed by.

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Takeru "T.K." Takashi: When you can't think of anything to say, do you always resort to fighting?
Ken: I guess.
Takeru "T.K." Takashi: That's your problem. You don't know when to talk and when to fight. Now's a good time to talk... on the other hand... it's also a good time to fight.

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Trivia: Many people think that Gabumon is a dog-like digimon, but he is a lizard dressed in a Garurumon fur.

Dan Moat

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Answer: We are never told as to how they got there.

Answer: People who built the digital world most likely had them sent there. Gennai tells the kids in the last episode that the streetcar was from San Francisco, and he asked them to take it back for him.

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