Enter Flamedramon - S2-E1

Corrected entry: Tai is able to go to the Digital world with his original Digi-vice. But in a later episode, they say only someone with a D-3 is able to go to the Digital world. (00:06:25 - 04:10:25)

Correction: Digidestined without D-3s travel to the Digital World all the time. What the D-3 does is OPEN a portal (digiport) Any Digidestined with a Digivice can travel through an open portal. Portals can also open by themselves, as happened during the World Tour arc, and in episode 14 "The Samurai of Sincerity." Mimi, who lived on a totally different continent from the other children, used the Digiport Izzy mentioned earlier in the episode to meet up with the others, along with a friend. Neither Mimi nor her friend, Michael, had a D-3.

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Recording on telephone: This number only exists in your imagination. Please hang up and don't call back.

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Trivia: Many people think that Gabumon is a dog-like digimon, but he is a lizard dressed in a Garurumon fur.

Dan Moat

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Answer: Digimon started as a series of virtual pets, making them digital. In the television series, Digimon live in the "digital world."


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