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Plot hole: Quite often the Rangers were contacted at school and would teleport to the command center, danger zone, etc. It is safe to say that the faculty would notice star pupils missing classes so often, yet it was never questioned or addressed.

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Suggested correction: I do think schools would be evacuated if there is another monster attack, hence they could not notice them not being around, since class does not take place.

There is no confirmation that schools are evacuated. This explanation is only a theory.

And even if they were, it is standard operating procedure during and school evacuation to take attendance to make sure no kids were left behind. Repeated absences from these role calls would raise eyebrows.

Agreed. There are even times when the Rangers are at the Angel Grove Youth Center but are called away but, nobody notices as people leave all of the time.

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Suggested correction: The entirety of Angel Grove doesn't know them personally. Also that is the power of voice over. You would never sound that clear while wearing a tight helmet that covers your mouth.


So what about when they talk to recurring characters such as the guy who works the bar at the youth centre (can't think of his name off the top of my head).

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Haha. It is a bit like standard suspension of disbelief and a common mistake to most superhero TV/movies/comic books even, but I very much agree that there is no real way to make a rational and logical explanation for it. They do meet recurring characters a lot, plus, I mean...they all hang out together, some of them wearing also clothing patterned with a dominance of their trademark ranger colors and that makes the fact that they are a group even more conspicuous.

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They all wear clothing dominated by the colour of their persona. Plus the fact that they are never around when the rangers are around.

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Green With Evil (1): Out of Control - S1-E17

Continuity mistake: Up until Green No More in Series 2 (where the Green Ranger powers are destroyed), the Green Ranger's overshield constantly changes between solid-looking metal to flimsy-looking cotton. This is the most obvious difference between the Japanese and US footage.

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The Green Candle (2) - S1-E35

Trivia: Jason David Frank, who played Tommy, left the show in the episode because his powers had been stolen by the Green Candle. However, he had become the most popular member of the Power Team, despite the original plan being just to temporarily have him on the show. Saban received large amounts of letters daily requesting Frank be brought back. The company eventually gave in and brought Frank back in the episode "Return of an Old Friend." He was returned to Green Ranger status in part 2.

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Answer: Dinosaur Sentai Zyuranger (Season 1), Five Star Sentai Dairanger (Season 2), Ninja Sentai Kakuranger (Seasons 3), Super Sentai Ohranger (Zeo), Explosive Dash Sentai Carranger (Turbo), Electromagnetic Sentai Megaranger (. In Space), Star Beast Sentai Gingaman (Lost Galaxy), Rescue Sentai Gogo V (Lightspeed Rescue), Future Sentai Timeranger (Time Force), Hundred Beast Sentai Gaoranger (Wild Force), Ninja Sentai Hurricanger (Ninja Storm).

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