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Hogday Afternoon (2) - S3-E43

Corrected entry: Assuming that in Series 2, Zordon gave permission for (before they were Rangers) Rocky, Aisha, and Adam to enter, Goldar and Rito shouldn't of been able to go into the Command Centre. Thoughout the series, it has been stressed that no-one enters the Command Centre without a Power Coin - this was even one of the subplots of Green with Evil, in Series 1.

Correction: The entire subplot for Rito and Goldar during this period involved them getting through the Command Center's defenses using an ancient map, thereby gaining access to the Command Center.

Hogday Afternoon (2) - S3-E43

Corrected entry: Billy uses a remote control to pilot the Falconzord (a Ninjazord) to assist the Aquitain Rangers. However, when Goldar destroyed the Rangers power coins in "Alien Rangers of Aquitar", we are told that the Ninjazords were now inoperable.

Correction: The Falconzord is special as it can combine with both the Ninja and Shogun Megazords. Billy was probably controlling the Falconzord as a Shogunzord, thus not needing the Falcon Power Coin.

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Rita Repulsa: Ah, after 10,000 years I'm free. Time to conquer Earth.



Up until Green No More in Series 2 (where the Green Ranger powers are destroyed), the Green Ranger's overshield constantly changes between solid-looking metal to flimsy-looking cotton. This is the most obvious difference between the Japanese and US footage.



Tommy has been more colours than any other Ranger. He has been the Green, White, Red, and Black Ranger.