Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

Season 1 generally

Audio problem: Rita is dubbed over extremely poorly - her words don't match her mouth. This is because Power Rangers is adapted from the Japanese Super Sentai series, and the footage of Rita was from the Japanese series.

Green With Evil (5): Breaking the Spell - S1-E21

Audio problem: The Megazord throws the Dragonzord into a nearby mountain. As the Dragonzord tries to get back onto its feet, Jason, from the cockpit of the Megazord, tells Tommy to "give it up." A man who sounds absolutely nothing like Tommy replies "No way."

Grandma Matchmaker - S6-E13

Audio problem: Grandma's words don't match her mouth, especially when asking Ashley and Carlos what soda they want.

Calamity Kimberly - S1-E31

Audio problem: At the start, Kimberly says "Oh no, an earthquake" however, her mouth doesn't match her words. (00:02:30)

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Day of the Dumpster - S1-E1

Audio problem: During the whole scene of the guys leaving the command centre and saying they shouldn't have left, the audio is overdubbed. (00:12:00)

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No Clowning Around - S1-E11

Audio problem: When Trini explains to Sylvia about staying together, the audio is an overdub as her mouth doesn't move. (00:04:00)

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