Without A Trace
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Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Pilot 1
2 Birthday Boy 0
3 He Saw, She Saw 0
4 Between the Cracks 0
5 Suspect 0
6 Silent Partner 0
7 Snatch Back 0
8 Little Big Man 0
9 In Extremis 0
10 Midnight Sun 0
11 Maple Street 1
12 Underground Railroad 0
13 Hang On to Me 0
14 The Friendly Skies 0
15 There Goes the Bride 0
16 Clare de Lune 0
17 Kam Li 0
18 The Source 0

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Jack Malone: According to the groom, she was an angel.
Martin: I guess love is blind. And deaf. And very, very dumb.
Jack Malone: Spoken like a true romantic.



At the beginning Sam stated that the missing teacher comes to work by subway every day. But in the flashback of his conversation with the drug dealer, he's about to get into his car.



Sam mentioned an old case from 1999. In the German dubbed version, it's from 1990 (even in the German subtitles it's 1999). Obviously the missing nine years takes to long to fit into the mouth movements.