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High Anxiety - S4-E20

Continuity mistake: In this episode Rose says her cat Fluffy died (as a lie) and Dorothy says "Rose, you've never had a cat, you're allergic." When Blanche and Rose first meet she is holding a cat named Mr. Peepers, and looking for a place she and the cat can live. Another episode she says she had a cat named Lindstrom Lindstrom.

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Suggested correction: After first meeting Blanche at the supermarket, Rose gave Mr. Peepers to a boy there. Dorothy could actually mean that Rose has never owned a cat for as long as Dorothy has known her. Regarding the allergies, people can be allergic to some cats, but not others. Or they will choose to live with a cat despite the allergies.

In another episode, Rose mentions her dog Rusty saved the family cat from a fire so she definitely lived with a cat for longer.

Bedtime Story - S2-E17

Character mistake: When all of the ladies are sharing Sophia's bed because there's been a cold snap and she has an electric blanket, Blanche mentions that her bed has never been so cold on a Saturday night. A few minutes later, Dorothy - upset that the other ladies are keeping her awake - states that she has to get up for work "very early in the morning." Dorothy is a substitute teacher, and would not have to be up for work early on a Sunday morning.

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Suggested correction: Teachers often have to work the weekend to prepare for the school week.

Knowing Dorothy, she probably made the statement about having to work - to trick the others into being quiet. But, as the script goes.

Even as a long-term sub, she wouldn't have to be up early in the morning for work just because she might have papers to grade or a lesson to prepare.


I never believed this was a mistake. Bedtime Story aired in February 1987 and Dorothy was probably referring to her job at the museum that Blanche worked for. That episode (Joust Between Friends) aired two months earlier in December 1986, so it's possible she was still working there in the flashback (since it was never mentioned when/why she left).

I always thought that Dorothy was teaching drivers education, which was often on a weekend or after normal school hours. She complains a couple times about teaching drivers ed throughout the series.

immortal eskimo

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Suggested correction: Actually, Bea Arthur carving the exclamation point is quite obviously not true. In most episodes you can see identical exclamation points on the wood panelling around the back of the living room. It's just a notch in manufacturing.

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Suggested correction: In the context of the story, perhaps he was simply waiting for the conversation between Dorothy and Mr Ha Ha to end before he addressed anyone. Some people do that.


A correction for this was already attempted. In certain instances, it's obvious that an actor (especially a child actor) is waiting for a cue, mouthing the lines, or suppose to be off-camera. Sometimes their actions can be explained as normal for the given scene, but evidence for their actions need to be based on viewing the scene, not just guessing. Bobby is making a movement to get up, and starts to lean forward waiting for his cue because he's not even looking at Dorothy and Mr. Ha Ha. And he stands up while Dorothy is talking, so he's not waiting for their conversation to end.


Considering that I was watching this scene when I replied, I stand by it. Mr Ha Ha was acting arrogantly towards Dorothy and the kid was close enough to overhear the conversation. Proof is when he gets up as Dorothy is talking, because that was the moment she said she couldn't do it. As soon as she said it, that's when he committed himself to do it because since Mr Ha Ha mentioned a lawyer to Dorothy he'd never have the nerve to threaten a child, and the kid knew it.


Goodbye, Mr. Gordon - S7-E15

Plot hole: At the end of this episode, the lady who was on the TV show with Blanche and Dorothy as "partners", shows up to ask Dorothy out because her and Blanche broke up. She says "I heard about you and Blanche". How could she have heard it? They just did it at the house.

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Suggested correction: We have no idea how long it was between their 'break up' and this scene. In fact, the scene where the woman asks Dorothy out occurs during the final credits. Dorothy is wearing the same clothes she had on during the 'split', so yes, it wasn't long after. Maybe she saw Blanche out on her date with the guy that broke them up and asked her about it.


One For the Money - S3-E2

Other mistake: In the 1954 flashback scene, it is Dorothy's 10-year anniversary, so she got married in 1944. In another episode, Dorothy said Stan impregnated her in the back seat of a car by saying he's going to the Korean War, which began in 1950. Also, viewers know that Dorothy went to college. A pregnant newlywed in 1944 with a husband off to war would not have gone to college but stayed home awaiting the birth of her child. And in 1945, after the war, she would have been a housewife, not a college student.

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Suggested correction: First off, I don't remember the show every showing or saying Stan did serve in the military. Dorothy said the only reason she went out with him was because he claimed he was being shipped off to Korea and would probably die. Stan was shown not to be faithful and probably not very trustworthy. But there's no reason an intelligent woman with a child could go to college even if her husband was in the military.


Job Hunting - S1-E22

Continuity mistake: In season 1 episode 12, the wallpaper and wall decorations are changed in the kitchen but in this episode they revert back to the original.

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Suggested correction: That's because the episodes were aired out order than when they were produced. This episode was the second episode produced (production code "002") whereas episode 12 was the 14th episode produced.


Home Again, Rose (2) - S7-E24

Character mistake: In her first appearance, Kirsten liked Dorothy, Sophia and Blanche and said that after her visit she now understands why Rose loves living with them. In her second appearance, she heavily dislikes the three women and states that she never understood why Rose preferred living with them over moving in with her.

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Suggested correction: In her second appearance, Kirsten walks in while the women are laughing about something unrelated in the waiting room and her mother is in the hospital after a Heart Attack. Could it be possible that she's a bit upset, not thinking, and forgetting about what she said in her previous visit? In her first visit, she sees the positive, but subsequently she saw things she found questionable (she mentions things she sees like all of them getting into a car dressed strangely (it was for a play but she didn't know that)), and eventually her mother has a Heart Attack. She may have simply put two and two together and got five. It's a human characteristic, not a character mistake.


However, in her first appearance she specifically said at first she didn't get why Rose lives with other women but after having met the three she now understands why she's living with them. In the other episode she states she never got it in the first place.

There Goes the Bride (1) - S6-E16

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the episode, Rose says that Miles is in Europe with some students. The episode immediately before this one, however, revealed Miles being put back into a witness protection program, and leaving Rose.

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Sophia: Rose, just remember, you're smarter than people say you are. You've got good sense, and you know what you're doing.
Rose: Oh, Sophia.
Sophia: Blanche, you're a slut.
Blanche: Oh, Sophia.

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Trivia: Although she appeared to be an 80 year old on the show, the late Estelle Getty (born 7/25/23) was younger than her costars Betty White (born 1/17/22) and Bea Arthur (born 5/14/22); and Rue was the youngest of the four (2/21/34). Estelle at first was turned down for the role of Sophia (because she was too young). It was only after she came back dressed in a gray wig, thrift store dress, and heavily made-up, that she got the part.

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Chosen answer: Rose's husband Charlie died making love to her. There are at least 3 different ways Blanche's husband George is said to have died: 1. Blanche was getting a pedicure when he was killed. 2. He had a car accident and died. 3. He had been in a coma and died. In theory they could all be combined (he had a car accident, fell into a coma, then died while she was having a pedicure), but that's conjecture. I'm not sure how Sophia's husband Sal died.

The episode where Blanche said her husband was in a car accident, she said she was on the phone with an officer (who was eating potato chips, crunch) who was at the scene of the accident, and the officer said George was hit head on and died.

Answer: According to one episode when Dorothy was sick on the couch and Blanche was trying to get her up, Sophia brings Dorothy a hot toddy to which Dorothy says 'that's an awful lot of whisky.' Sophia says she ran out of whisky awhile ago and this one was vodka and amaretto. She said 'that should kill everything. It killed your father.'

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