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Continuity mistake: It is known that Dorothy married Stan because she was pregnant and they were married for 38 years. However Michael is not 38 - his age is stated as either 23 or 30 in different episodes, a mistake in itself - and in the 2 episodes her daughter is in, she doesn't look to be anywhere near 38 either.


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Character mistake: The number of years that Sal has been dead and the number of years that he and Sophia were married, constantly changes. In Season 3 Episode 5, Sophia says that she and Sal were married for 52 years. In other episodes, she says he's been dead anywhere from 22-30 years. If that's the case, given that Sophia is 80 at the start of the show, Sal would have died when she was about 50. Meaning that they would have had to be married since birth to be married over 50 years.

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Continuity mistake: In one episode, Rose talks about being valedictorian of her high school class in St. Olaf. In another episode, Rose goes to night school (where Dorothy is her teacher) in order to get her GED because she never graduated from high school. While talking to rose about the class Dorothy states the class is for people who didn't get a diploma. Additionally, in the episode "Whose face is this, anyway" Rose mentions that she was in a sorority called the "Alpha Yams"; when the girls look at her strangely, Rose states "It was an agricultural college." She could not have gone to college without a high school diploma.

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Continuity mistake: In series 3 Dorothy's son Michael, who is engaged to a woman 21 years older than he, is supposed to be 23. In Series 2, when Michael sleeps with Rose's daughter, Dorothy mentions that he is 29 years old.

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Continuity mistake: Angela says that she and Sophia are the only ones left living in the family, but in later episodes their brother Angelo shows up.

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Continuity mistake: Throughout the show, Rose implies through numerous stories that everyone in St. Olaf, explicitly including close family members, is just as dumb and weird as Rose herself. However, most of Rose's relatives we meet are perfectly normal people, including her adoptive mother, both of her daughters that we get to see, her biological father and her blind sister. During a dream sequence, her adoptive father appears and he doesn't seem to be unintelligent either, giving her good advice. Only her cousin Sven fits her description by being arguably even dumber than her.

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Other mistake: In the opening scene showing the outside of the house, the garage and driveway are on the left side of the house. In "End of the Curse," the girls raise minks in the garage, which is accessed from the back corner of the kitchen, thus the garage is actually on the opposite side of the house. Furthermore there are four large bedrooms and at least one large bathroom down the hallway. The hallway shoots off the living room at an angle. There is not enough room to fit all those rooms between the supposed garage and the kitchen and the lanai; all of the rooms would overlap one another. Lastly, the lanai seems to be surrounded on three sides by the house (as is typical of a lanai) but the hallway leading to the lanai, and the way the girls enter from the left, would put it on the very front corner, and surrounded by nothing.

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Continuity mistake: In the episode when Dorothy is trying out for Jeopardy, she is sitting on the couch studying, When Sophia sits down to talk to her Dorothy is looking at a page with just words, It cuts to Sophia and then to Dorothy and the page now has pictures on it. You can still see the corner of the book when the frame is on Sophia and you can see that Dorothy did not turn the page.


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Continuity mistake: Whether Gladys Goldfine is alive or dead changes from episode to episode. For example in one episode, Sophia is mad at her because she doesn't take her out to a Tony Bennett concert and we see her apologizing to Sophia in the end, but in an earlier episode Salvatore's spirit told Sophia that Gladys has an affair with Charlemagne in heaven.

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Continuity mistake: In the episode where Sophia loses her glasses, Dorothy answers the door and Sophia says "is this 6151 Richmond St?" In the episode where Dorothy has taken up smoking again and sets off the smoke alarm, Blanche and Rose rush into the kitchen, Blanche dials 9-1-1 and says "send a firetruck to 5161 Richmond, I'm on fire."

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Continuity mistake: Blanche's attitude towards birthday parties changes throughout the show. Originally, she disliked them, but Rose changed her mind when she invited several men Blanche desired, as is seen in a flashback. In the same episode, the Golden Girls threw a surprise party for her which she was happy about. In a later episode, she hates birthday parties again (with Rose being baffled she doesn't like them), but is happy again at the end of the episode when Rose invites men to her party.

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Revealing mistake: Throughout the entire series every time someone is cooking on the stove there's never any steam coming from the cookware. Also looking at the burners, it's an electric oven yet the burners are never orange indicating they never really "cook" food at all.


Sophia: You're Blanche's daughter, the model?
Rebecca: That's right.
Sophia: What did she model - car covers?

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Suggested correction: Actually, Bea Arthur carving the exclamation point is quite obviously not true. In most episodes you can see identical exclamation points on the wood panelling around the back of the living room. It's just a notch in manufacturing.

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Question: The question "How do the girls' husbands, other than Dorothy's, die?" was answered that in theory, Blanche's husband could have had a car wreck, fallen into a coma, and died while she was getting a pedicure. This is not true. Blanche stated that when George came back to her in a dream, she remembered tripping over his shoe on her way to answer the phone, thus finding out that George had died in a car wreck. Doesn't this prove that the "he had a wreck, fell into a coma, and then died during Blanche's pedicure", theory is out?


Chosen answer: Yes, you are correct, as stated, In one episode Blanche said he had been in a coma for days, in the episode where she's in her dream, she said "The day you died ... The police told me you had been in an accident." Thus the original answers theory is wrong. If he had been in the accident the day he died he could not have been in a coma for days.


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