The Golden Girls

Rose's Big Adventure - S3-E22

Revealing mistake: In this episode Dorothy and Blanche are awakened by a stench coming from the kitchen. After they go to inspect, we see that Rose is making some sort of Krispies treat. As you see her carry the plate to offer Dorothy and Blanch one, you can see that the plate is empty. And once they all start to eat them you can easily see that none of them are actually picking anything up and putting in their mouths.


Room 7 - S7-E11

Revealing mistake: When Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia are driving on the interstate, Rose is singing. Dorothy slams on the brakes, stops, and says, "Get out, Rose." But the car that has passed the camera's view only has the driver in it.

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Suggested correction: In the context of the story, perhaps he was simply waiting for the conversation between Dorothy and Mr Ha Ha to end before he addressed anyone. Some people do that.


A correction for this was already attempted. In certain instances, it's obvious that an actor (especially a child actor) is waiting for a cue, mouthing the lines, or suppose to be off-camera. Sometimes their actions can be explained as normal for the given scene, but evidence for their actions need to be based on viewing the scene, not just guessing. Bobby is making a movement to get up, and starts to lean forward waiting for his cue because he's not even looking at Dorothy and Mr. Ha Ha. And he stands up while Dorothy is talking, so he's not waiting for their conversation to end.


Considering that I was watching this scene when I replied, I stand by it. Mr Ha Ha was acting arrogantly towards Dorothy and the kid was close enough to overhear the conversation. Proof is when he gets up as Dorothy is talking, because that was the moment she said she couldn't do it. As soon as she said it, that's when he committed himself to do it because since Mr Ha Ha mentioned a lawyer to Dorothy he'd never have the nerve to threaten a child, and the kid knew it.


Break-In - S1-E8

Revealing mistake: Dorothy is putting wet washcloths on Blanche's forehead. But if you look in the bowl on the table, there is no water in it at all. And when Dorothy wrings out the washcloth, only a tiny bit of water comes out. (03:05:00)

The Housekeeper - S3-E4

Revealing mistake: Dorothy is cooking on the grill in the backyard. Problem is the grill isn't really "cooking" the food. No smoke, no sizzling. And the food is hard like it's frozen solid.

Bringing Up Baby - S3-E3

Revealing mistake: When Dorothy and Blanche are in Rose's room, look at Baby. Its very obvious its just a stuffed toy pig. You can tell by the fluffy skin, the unnatural ear movement, and the covers would be moving up and down as its breathing. You can really tell its fake when Rose gets up off her bed. (01:08:45 - 01:10:25)

And Then There Was One - S2-E16

Revealing mistake: When Rose and Dorothy unpack the groceries, Dorothy starts to open the egg carton. It tilts backwards revealing an empty carton. You can also tell it's empty when she carries it to the fridge.

Dorothy's New Friend - S3-E15

Revealing mistake: Dorothy brings out a pot of coffee and pours it into cups. When her friend Barbara is leaving, Dorothy is holding on to the "hot" coffee pot like it's not even hot. (00:07:50)

Vacation - S2-E8

Revealing mistake: Blanche, Dorothy and Rose that went on the boat with the 3 guys were stranded on what appears to be a beach. However, the "beach sand" has a lot of bouncyness to it. Giving the look of foam padding of some sort with some fabric that looks like sand. The sand doesn't actually move either while they're walking on it. (00:16:11 - 00:18:40)

Liz Blue 1970

Show generally

Revealing mistake: Throughout the entire series every time someone is cooking on the stove there's never any steam coming from the cookware. Also looking at the burners, it's an electric oven yet the burners are never orange indicating they never really "cook" food at all.


Vacation - S2-E8

Revealing mistake: The "sand" on the beach of the supposedly lonely island Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and the three men stranded on is one solid cloth made of a rubber-like material. It wobbles and bends whenever a character's feet are on-screen.

High Anxiety - S4-E20

Continuity mistake: In this episode Rose says her cat Fluffy died (as a lie) and Dorothy says "Rose, you've never had a cat, you're allergic." When Blanche and Rose first meet she is holding a cat named Mr. Peepers, and looking for a place she and the cat can live. Another episode she says she had a cat named Lindstrom Lindstrom.

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Suggested correction: After first meeting Blanche at the supermarket, Rose gave Mr. Peepers to a boy there. Dorothy could actually mean that Rose has never owned a cat for as long as Dorothy has known her. Regarding the allergies, people can be allergic to some cats, but not others. Or they will choose to live with a cat despite the allergies.

In another episode, Rose mentions her dog Rusty saved the family cat from a fire so she definitely lived with a cat for longer.

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Sophia: Rose, just remember, you're smarter than people say you are. You've got good sense, and you know what you're doing.
Rose: Oh, Sophia.
Sophia: Blanche, you're a slut.
Blanche: Oh, Sophia.

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Question: The question "How do the girls' husbands, other than Dorothy's, die?" was answered that in theory, Blanche's husband could have had a car wreck, fallen into a coma, and died while she was getting a pedicure. This is not true. Blanche stated that when George came back to her in a dream, she remembered tripping over his shoe on her way to answer the phone, thus finding out that George had died in a car wreck. Doesn't this prove that the "he had a wreck, fell into a coma, and then died during Blanche's pedicure", theory is out?


Chosen answer: Yes, you are correct, as stated, In one episode Blanche said he had been in a coma for days, in the episode where she's in her dream, she said "The day you died ... The police told me you had been in an accident." Thus the original answers theory is wrong. If he had been in the accident the day he died he could not have been in a coma for days.


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