The Golden Girls
Show generally 9
Season 1
Season 1 generally 1
1 The Engagement (a.k.a) Pilot 1
2 Guess Who's Coming to the Wedding? 0
3 Rose the Prude 0
4 Transplant 0
5 The Triangle 0
6 On Golden Girls 0
7 The Competition 0
8 Break-In 1
9 Blanche and the Younger Man 0
10 Heart Attack 0
11 The Return of Dorothy's Ex (a.k.a.) Stan's Return 0
12 The Custody Battle 0
13 A Little Romance 0
14 That Was No Lady 0
15 In a Bed of Rose's 1
16 The Truth Will Out (a.k.a) The Will 0
17 Nice and Easy 0
18 The Operation 1

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Blanche: I'll give you anything. I'll give you one of my sons.
Dorothy: Blanche.
Blanche: Dorothy, I've given this a lot of thought. I've had 4 kids, I've never had a Mercedes. So, which one do you want? Biff, Doug, Skippy? No, don't take Skippy, he's got asthma.



When the father arrives to pick up baby Emily he states his wife was having triplets the night before. Yet baby Emily in the stroller is under 6 months old. How is her mom having triplets already?



The exclamation point carving on the back of the front door was carved by Bea Arthur the first day on set. It can be seen throughout the show's entire seven seasons.