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The Golden Girls picture

And Then There Was One - S2-E16

Other mistake: When the father arrives to pick up baby Emily he states his wife was having triplets the night before. Yet baby Emily in the stroller is under 6 months old. How is her mom having triplets already?

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Eastenders picture

Show generally

Other mistake: When Lucy is in the cafe watching the mother and her children, the mother repeats the same dialogue.

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MacGyver picture

Three For the Road - S2-E10

Continuity mistake: During the car chase through the desert, the rear view mirrors on both cars disappear and reappear repeatedly.

Jean G
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Neighbours picture

Show generally

Plot hole: Tahnee was sent to boarding school when she got fired as a way to get her out of the show, but she was 17 and so isn't that a bit of a silly way to write her out? In Melbourne Australia, you can leave school if you wish at 15, so she in theory shouldn't be able to be forced into going to Boarding School.

Dan Moat
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Röd Snö picture

Show generally

Continuity mistake: When Anne and Evert are driving toward the Norwegian/Swedish border, Anne pulls back the rug in the back of the sled, and discovers the dead Bjørn. He is then flat on his back, staring upwards. Moments later, when the Swedish border guards pull back the rug to look at the corpse, he is face down. No one touched him, and the sled did not bump enough to roll the body completely over.

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The Gummi Bears picture

Show generally

Continuity mistake: 1-9 The Secret Of The Juice: When Tummi goes looking for Zummi, Gruffi and Cubbi, he arrives right outside the barrel room. When first seen, the barrel room door is smooth, but in the next close-up the door suddenly has an iron grill window in its surface.

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The Twilight Zone picture

The Mind of Simon Foster - S3-E23

Continuity mistake: When the pawnbroker closes his metal gate, he's facing the wire mesh. When the shot cuts, he's instantly facing away from it. (00:10:15)

Jean G
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Into the Vortex - S1-E5

Revealing mistake: When Bjornson is in Oslo he calls Catherine, who is still in Alesund, from a pay phone. But located behind him is a poster listing emergency numbers for the municipality of Giske, revealing that this scene was filmed there, just outside of Alesund.

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Thundercats picture

The Astral Prison - S1-E22

Continuity mistake: When Lion-O lands after falling down the crevice after encountering the 3-Eyed monster the ThunderCat Logo on his is a red Lion on a black background, in all other shots it's a black lion on a red background. (00:07:30)

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The Pyramid of Darkness: Part 1 - The Further Adventures of G.I. Joe - S1-E1

Other mistake: Mutt reads the card about the "fatal fluffies." He says "I'm sure you'll enjoy their deadly secrets", but the card reads "I'm sure you'll enjoy their amazing "split" personalities."

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Jem and the Holograms picture

Show generally

Continuity mistake: Multiple times throughout the show, Kimber can be seen in quick shots with light pink hair (the same color as Jem's), when her hair color is actually a dark pink/red color. (02:00:00)

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Moonlighting pictureMoonlighting mistake picture

Show generally

Continuity mistake: Episode 2x15, "Witness for the Execution": When David and Maddie are debating whether or not to help Lawrence Everett, the towel David uses to wipe shaving cream off his face jumps around during the scene. It's around his neck, then in his hands, then on his shoulder, and back in his hands, etc. (00:15:40)

Cubs Fan
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The Ray Bradbury Theatre picture

The Town Where No One Got Off - S1-E4

Visible crew/equipment: The overhead boom mic dips into the scene as the old man is speaking.

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Growing Pains picture

Pilot - S1-E2

Continuity mistake: Mike's hair keeps changing throughout the episode.

Bowling255 Premium member
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