Röd Snö

Röd Snö (1985)

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Continuity mistake: When Anne and Evert are driving toward the Norwegian/Swedish border, Anne pulls back the rug in the back of the sled, and discovers the dead Bjørn. He is then flat on his back, staring upwards. Moments later, when the Swedish border guards pull back the rug to look at the corpse, he is face down. No one touched him, and the sled did not bump enough to roll the body completely over.


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Continuity mistake: When Anne and Hans are out skiing in the woods, Evert goes past them and falls down a small slope. In the following conversation, whenever the camera is on Evert he is lying at the bottom of the slope, and you can see the ground all around him for a couple of meters. The others are then too far away to be seen. However, when Evert stands up he is suddenly much closer to Anne and Hans, in fact he is right next to them.


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