Recess (1997)

3 mistakes in Good Luck Charm

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Good Luck Charm - S4-E19

Continuity mistake: Throughout the scene where Spinelli shows off her jump roping skills, the two Ashley's swinging the rope quite awkwardly and choppily go from a normal to a surprised expression every second or so.

Good Luck Charm - S4-E19

Other mistake: In this episode when Spenilli passed the test,she busted out of the school, you can see the school clock has no 5. Whats up with that?

Good Luck Charm - S4-E19

Continuity mistake: When Spinelli is challenging the hustler kid, she asks for Gretchen's bow (for a blindfold). In the shots after that, Spinelli is still blindfolded with Gretchen's bow, yet Gretchen is still wearing it.

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