Prodigal - S2-E15

Corrected entry: At the beginning, Lucas holds another man in front of him to stop a hail of bullets. A human body won't stop most gunfire, certainly not from the submachine guns the thugs were using. (00:02:25)


Correction: The fact that bullets have been lodged in the body of gunshot victims in real life goes to show this is not a mistake. Given also that bullets going through a human body would be deflected or slowed to the point it won't penetrate another body further prove this is not a mistake. The character just got lucky, but it's not improbable.


Visage - S2-E11

Corrected entry: Tina Greer disguised as Whitney walks down the hallway dressed in marine corps dress blues. His rank was a private first class, yet he had a blood stripe going down his pant legs. You do not receive the blood stripe until you reach corporal. Also the medals were wrong and some missing (i.e. combat action). The marine that comes to the house later and is killed by Tina Greer, had medals that were wrong as well.

Correction: Being Tina, she doesn't know everything there is know about the military. It's not really a character mistake, either, since it's in character with her brash nature of only caring about Lana and nothing else.


Redux - S2-E6

Corrected entry: Chrissy is the leader of Spirit Week and is trying to organise it. We see her kiss her boyfriend Troy, and suck the life out of him a few days before Spirit Week. However, Chloe pulls up the file on Troy, and it says his date of death is June 20, 2002. This is highly unlikely, as Spirit Week is put on in the days leading up to homecoming, and homecoming is usually in late September or October.

Correction: Schools don't all follow the same schedules. While schools in nearby areas would have similar schedules, it's not unreasonable to think that one school's Homecoming is months away from another school's Homecoming that's on the other side of the country.


Redux - S2-E6

Corrected entry: Clark is supposed to hide his powers from everyone. When the other swimmer in the final race starts to drown Clark uses his super speed to get him off of the bottom of the pool. Everyone who was in the pool area had their eyes on the drowning kid so somebody should have seen Clark just appear at his side.

Correction: People would care more about him getting saved than who was saving him, so, no, they wouldn't have noticed Clark. He likely went slow enough as to not draw too much attention, yet of course still fast enough to save the one drowning.


Suspect - S2-E13

Corrected entry: The sheriff says that Jonathan has a blood alcohol content of 2.0. Since 1.0 is lethal, 2.0 is unimaginable. He should have said .20.

Correction: Yes he should have said .20, which makes it a character mistake.

Lineage - S2-E7

Corrected entry: Clark brings Pete along when he retrieves the DNA sample taken from him so that he can use his DNA to replace his. However, Pete is African American in origin and it would show in his DNA when they try to analyze it. Using Pete as a substitute DNA donor would cause further alarm because Clark is white but the DNA sample which was supposedly taken from him would result in someone of African American in origin.

Correction: There are no reliable DNA markers that can determine someone's skin color. It can give a probability of a person's origin being from a certain geographical region but it doesn't tell you if someone is black or white.

Nocturne - S2-E5

Corrected entry: No matter how strong Byron is, there is no way he could keep the helicopter down, unless he is very, very heavy. He would just pull himself towards the helicopter because there is nothing holding him to the ground.

Correction: It is an established superhero convention that characters with super strength possess a level of inertia proportional to their strength. It allows them to stay firmly planted while pushing or pulling.

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