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Corrected entry: Season 9, episode 1 "Saviour": When Lois goes back to the train car she meets up with Davis Bloom. After learning she has been missing for three weeks she asks what day it is and he replies it's Friday the 25th. Lois also picks up a newspaper and the date reads Friday the 25th. The train accident happened the night before, the date should read Thursday the 24th.


Correction: When Lois goes back to the train car she meets up with "John Corben". Davis Bloom was already dead by this point in the show.

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Corrected entry: In season 9 when Callum Blue is added to play Zod, it is quite obvious that he has a British accent. How could an Alien General have a British accent?


Correction: What kind of accent is he supposed to have? American? Australian?


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Corrected entry: In the episode entitled "Run, Season Four: Episode Five," Bart uses Kryptonite on Clark to make sure that he doesn't get followed. This would be impossible because earlier in the show Bart says that this is his very first trip to Smallville, therefore he shouldn't have known what Clark's weakness is.

Correction: Earlier in the episode, Bart stumbles upon a box containing the kryptonite in Clark's room. Bart opens it and notices Clark is weakening. When Bart asks him what's wrong, Clark tells him to close it because he's allergic to the rock.

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Corrected entry: From various dates, ages, and bits of information given, we know that, at least in the first episode, everyone (everyone being Clark, Chloe, Lana, Pete, etc) is 15 years old. Do the producers really expect us to believe that they're 15 years old? Clark's played by a 24 year old for one...


Correction: Yes. This practice is used all the time, and people are often surprised to find out that their favorite actors are older than they thought.

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Corrected entry: In the Smallville T.V. Show, Clark knows he has a spaceship, however, in the old Superman Television show, "Lois And Clark: The Adventures Of Superman" Clark does not know that he had a spaceship and was shocked when he heard the news from his parents.

Correction: Any continuity errors between different shows shouldn't be regarded.

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