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I Dated a Robot - S3-E15

Corrected entry: When Leela lifts Lucy Liu's jar off the pedestal, the pressure sensor alarm goes off. But then she puts Madeline Albright's jar on Lucy's pedestal to silence the alarm, and the alarm on Albright's pedestal didn't sound.

Movie Nut

Correction: It is mentioned that there are extra security features for their more "valuable" celebrities.

Parasites Lost - S3-E4

Corrected entry: The dipstick Leela pulls out of the Planet express ship stairs is significantly bigger than the stairs. (00:01:00)


Correction: There is no error, it's done for comedic effect. It's a play on Doctor Who's TARDIS, which is bigger on the inside.


The Cryonic Woman - S3-E3

Corrected entry: During this episode, Fry and his girlfriend attempt to freeze themselves until the year 4000. It turns out they were only frozen for two days. So the tube shouldn't have opened. The only way the tubes open is when the time runs out or someone from the outside opens it.


Correction: The tube was torn from it's location and moved to LA. It opened when it's backup power failed.

Bendless Love - S3-E6

Corrected entry: Bender takes everyone to Elzar's to tell them about Angleyne, the new love of his life, and he finishes his description of her by telling them that she is very lucky to be going out with a handsome and talented robot. "She sure is!" says Fry. "Look!" - and he points out Angleyne, sitting at a table with Flexo. How did Fry know that was her? They haven't met before - Bender is treating them to dinner to tell them about her. She and Flexo are not the only robots in the restaurant, and Bender has not yet described her appearance. Fry must be psychic.

Correction: Actually, you can see befo they are in the restaurant that Bender and Angleyne are racing Fry and Professor Farnsworth, Fry riding the professor as a bicycle. So Fry HAS met her before.

Bendless Love - S3-E6

Corrected entry: When the episode shows how Professor Farnsworth had the table attached to the wall, how is Leela able to stay on it? It was very clear that she wasn't tied down like everyone else was.

Correction: While you can't see the rope that ties Leela to the chair like everyone else, if you watch she unties herself right before she falls into a pile with everyone.

Luck of the Fryrish - S3-E10

Corrected entry: When the Planet Express spaceship approaches the Orbiting Graveyard, both the inner and outer doors of the airlock open at the same time. Since the graveyard is pressurised and we can see there are no other doors, that is going to cause some problems.

Correction: Futurama tries to keep scientifically accurate from time to time but many times bends this either for comedy or simply it doesn't matter to the storyline. For example the creator's admitted that it would be impossible for many of the famous heads to still be around in the year 3000, but they didn't care because it was funny.

Lummie Premium member

The Honking - S3-E1

Corrected entry: When Leela has finished welding Bender to the wall, in the next shot (when she takes the mask off) the welder itself has simply vanished.

David Mercier

Correction: She drops it into the bag behind her.

War is the H-Word - S3-E2

Corrected entry: The 3 coloured balls Bender and Kissinger are talking to move position several times - instantly, particularly the purple and blue ones on the outside.

David Mercier

Correction: Watch the scene. They are floating about aimlessly all the time. Of course they change places.

The Honking - S3-E1

Corrected entry: When we see Bender become a 'were-car' in one shot we see a bumper sticker on him saying 'If you can read this, I've run you over.' But it's not there for any other shots.

rabid anarchist

Correction: For Bender to become a Were-Car his body mass must increase about eightfold. So, he can form things (wheels, engines, seats, seatbelts and so on) from nothing. If he can create them spontaneously, he can destroy them just the same way.

War is the H-Word - S3-E2

Corrected entry: The parachute Fry opens just before he hits the ground disappears when he starts riding the ball away.

David Mercier

Correction: Just prior to riding the ball, Fry is covered by about 9-12 balls. In that time, he could have cut the parachute lines.

The Cyber House Rules - S3-E11

Corrected entry: They say the blind guy is now deaf, but if he was blind and deaf, how did he just walk up and know it was Leela? (00:04:20)

Sol Parker

Correction: Sense of smell perhaps? It's often said that when people lose a sense, they learn to use the others better.

David Mercier

The Cyber House Rules - S3-E11

Corrected entry: Bender adopts 12 kids, yet in several scenes, there are only 11. (00:11:20)

Sol Parker

Correction: Remember occasionally one of the kids lives inside Bender's body.

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