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Corrected entry: Often while traveling through space, we can see the stars in the background moving (as if the Futurama cast were in a car and the stars were street signs). This would not happen in reality, unless one was traveling relativistic speeds (even then, the motion of the stars would look very different). Instead, the stars should be still (the sun doesn't appear to move when you're out walking).

Correction: It is explained during one episode that the ship's engine doesn't actually move the ship, it moves the entire universe around the ship. The visual effect this mistake describes could very well be the result of this unique form of traveling from one place to another.

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Corrected entry: According to David Cohen, Mom's third son Igner (the rather dumb one) is the illegitimate son of Prof. Farnsworth (which explains the character's hair). While it has been shown that Mom and the Prof. had a relationship across a few episodes, there was not enough time in the series before cancellation to reveal this particular result of that relationship.

Correction: It was ultimately shown in the third movie, Bender's Game.

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Corrected entry: Bender doesn't have a sense of taste. This is mentioned a lot. However, it creates a few problems. Firstly, in 'A Fishful of Dollars,' he eats the anchovies and finds them disgusting. Secondly, he says in 'The Sting' that after Fry is dead no one will make waffles just how he likes them. And thirdly, he says how good Elzar's robot food tastes in 'Bender gets Made.'

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Correction: This was meant to demonstrate that Bender himself has a great distaste for a lot of things, and people. Primarily, that he likes to cause a problem even when no problem exists. The fact that he likes the one guy's cooking is another aspect of his mind, wherein it demonstrates how he respects and adores the man, and thus his food.

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Corrected entry: Whenever Bender gets hit by something he screams in pain. That would be kind of impossible since Bender is a robot and robots don't feel pain.

Correction: It's a thousand years in the future. How do you know robots can't be programmed to react to being hit in the way Bender does? He might even be programmed to feel 'pain', the same way he is programmed to feel greed, friendship, and so on.

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Corrected entry: In some episodes, the cop robot's mouth flashes red when he speaks. In other episodes, the lines on his mouthpiece just shake, like Bender's.

Correction: It has been shown that robots can change the way their mouthpieces work. Bender can do vampire teeth, jagged teeth like a lion, gap toothed to accommodate a flamethrower, a sine wave, musical patterns and so on. The cops have multiple settings, too. Not a mistake.

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Corrected entry: Bender is 30% Iron, 40% Zinc, 40% Titanium and 40% Dolomite. Thats 150%.

Dan Moat

Correction: Not true. He sells his 40% titanium parts in one episode and sells some more parts and even explodes in later episodes.


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Corrected entry: If you add up Bender's "metallic constituents" throughout the entire show, it comes to something like 200%, which of course is impossible. He claims at various points that he is 40% titanium, 40% zinc, 40% "dolomite", 30% iron, and there are several others. Naturally, if you add these together it comes to more than 100% which cannot be the case.

David Mercier

Correction: True, he says at various points he is made of several metallic constituents. However, in at least one episode (Episode 203, A Head in the Polls), he sells his body because of the price of titanium. Other episodes he was shot, exploded (Ep. 207), etc. Therefore it is possible that he DID consist of these metallic percentages, but at varying times. On top of this, Bender is a compulsive liar. He may just be saying he is 40% of whatever fits the situation.


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