Gilmore Girls

Emily In Wonderland - S1-E19

New this week Continuity mistake: At Luke's, when Rachel shows Lorelai the photo of the Dragonfly Inn, Rachel says, "It's an old abandoned inn I ran across when I was exploring the other day." So Rachel took the photograph in the last few days, and in the photo the Dragonfly does not have shutters, and does not have a sign hanging over the porch, etc. When Lorelai visits the Dragonfly with Rachel and then with Rory, the shutters and sign have appeared, as well as other changes. (00:04:50 - 00:40:20)

Super Grover Premium member

Emily In Wonderland - S1-E19

Continuity mistake: Lorelei and Luke are talking in the storage room. The turkey gravy behind Luke keeps rearranging itself.


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