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The Caves of Androzani - S21-E6

Corrected entry: When the Doctor says "Adric?" during the regeneration sequence, his mouth does not move.

Correction: It is possible to say the name "Adric" without moving your lips.

The Caves of Androzani - S21-E6

Corrected entry: When Morgus is talking with Stotz on the com link, the blindfolded Doctor is obviously visible on the display standing behind Stotz. Yet Morgus only notices him about a minute into the conversation, as if he's only just appeared.


Correction: This is a deliberate dramatic choice. The idea is that Morgus is fixated on the spectrox deal and only noticed the Doctor when he is placated.

The Caves of Androzani - S21-E6

Corrected entry: After Stotz and his men cut through the cockpit door, the reverse shot reveals the door to be mad of polystyrene and obviously not out of proper aviation materials of any sort.

Correction: Duplicate mistake.


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The Doctor: You can't rule the world in hiding. You've got to come out on the balcony sometimes and wave a tentacle or two.



(Part 4) After Omega takes off his mask and looks in the mirror, when he sees that his physical body doesn't exist he puts his mask back on and screams, but when he shouts, "If I exist only by my will, then my will is to destroy," Omega's mask pops up off his face, and we can see the actor's blackened face as he shouts the last bit of his dialogue.



The first thing the Third Doctor does on-screen is collapse out of the TARDIS, which is also the last thing he does in that incarnation.