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Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina - S9-E1

Corrected entry: When Kyle enters the basketball game as the tall, black kid, the game announcer refers to Kyle as number "8". He is actually wearing a jersey with the number "4" on it.

Daniel Garner

Correction: This isn't a show goof, it's a character goof: the announcer made an honest mistake.

Raisins - S7-E14

Corrected entry: All of the girls who work at Raisins are named after cars: Mercedes, Lexus, Porsche, etc.

Correction: This isn't trivia, it's just stating facts.

Woodland Critter Christmas - S8-E14

Corrected entry: In episode 8-14: "Woodland Critter Christmas," the squirrel tells Stan that the Antichrist's birth will lead to a thousand years of darkness in the forest. A few moments later, Stan laments the "ten thousand years of darkness" that are to come.


Correction: Simple character mistake.

Lummie Premium member

Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery - S3-E10

Corrected entry: When the boys dig up Kyle's dead grandmother, the last name on the tombstone is "Broflovski." But when the cemetery people go to Kyle's house to tell his parents what happened, they tell his mother "your mother" has been dug up. Unless her maiden name is also "Broflovski," which is unlikely, the dead woman would have to be Kyle's father's mother.

Correction: While rare, it's not completely uncommon for a man to adopt the wife's maiden name after marriage. Given Sheila's commanding personality compared to Gerald, it's possible she got him to change his name to Broflovski when they were married.

City on the Edge of Forever (a.k.a. Flashbacks) - S2-E7

Corrected entry: After Ms. Crabtree gets off the bus, Stan says "We can't get off the bus or that big black scary monster will get us," but Ms. Crabtree never says that the monster is black.

Correction: This episode is all a dream, it's all from one persons subconscious who is making it up in their mind as they go along.

Show generally

Corrected entry: In the first four episodes, Stan's house has a purple wall and a yellow carpet. Then in "An Elephant Makes Love To A Pig" it has a purple wall and a brown carpet, which it continues to have for the rest of the seasons. But in "The Return of Chef" it goes back to having a purple wall and a yellow carpet.

Correction: Many people, like Stan's parents, have bought a new carpet and changed it again at a later date.

Cartman Joins NAMBLA - S4-E5

Corrected entry: When Cartman goes to see Mephisto to ask him to make him a friend, Mephisto tells him that genetic engineering has not yet advanced to the stage where he can just make people. But in "An Elephant Makes Loves To A Pig", Mephisto easily made a giant clone of Stan.

Correction: First of all that was cloning, not engineering completely new people. And second of all, the Stan clone wasn't exactly a huge success. So he's quite right when he says that the technology isn't advanced enough yet.


The Death Camp of Tolerance - S6-E14

Corrected entry: When the Catfish says "Great job, Lemmiwinks." after Lemmiwinks escapes Mr Slave, his voice sounds totally different than it did when he met Lemmiwinks inside the stomach.


Correction: No not really. His voice just sounds a little different in the stomach because a bit of reverb was added to his voice. (To simulate that he is speaking in a great hall or in this case a stomach.)


Cartman Gets an Anal Probe - S1-E1

Corrected entry: The kid that Cartman sets on fire is Pip. Just something to notice.

Correction: This is not trivia, rather an obvious observation.

Good Times With Weapons - S8-E1

Corrected entry: Kenny only bought one ninja star, and after the fight with Professor Chaos, it's stuck in Butters' eye, so Kenny shouldn't have it anymore. However, when Kenny and the other boys fight the other group of "ninjas", you can see Kenny is still holding a star.

Moose Premium member

Correction: We are never told how many ninja stars Kenny has bought, only that EVEN he can afford them at $1.99.

Soylent Purple

Show generally

Corrected entry: For maybe the first four seasons, Stand and Kyle's voices stayed the same, after season four though, they seemed to have gotten deeper. Couldn't have been because of puberty because if that was the case Cartman's voice would have changed also.

Correction: Obviously you are not aware of the fact that many guys can experience puberty and deeper voices at a later age than others. Aside from that fact, this mistake is more built on opinion rather than any fact. I have watched South Park for many years and there is no example to prove this observation.

Lummie Premium member

The Tooth Fairy's TATS 2000 - S4-E1

Corrected entry: When Cartman's mom tells him that the Tooth Fairy is not real, Cartman says "I guess you're going to tell me that there is no Santa Claus, Jesus or the Easter Bunny", but Cartman knows that Jesus definitely exists because he went on his show in "The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka".

Correction: That is the point. He strongly believes in something, and doesn't believe what his mother is telling him. He might as well have said "I guess you're going to tell me that I don't exist either."

Soylent Purple

Pink Eye - S1-E7

Corrected entry: When Kyle cuts Kenny in half, there is a skull behind him, how did the zombie head become nothing but a skull so fast, it was only cut off seconds ago.

Sol Parker

Correction: Considering that it was Halloween night, that skull probably isn't real and was placed in the cemetery as a prop for the holiday.

Christian Rock Hard - S7-E9

Corrected entry: In the scene in which they are taking the photo for the album cover, Butters is on the left, Token is on the right. However, when the lady at the Christian festival is buying the CD, it shows a close-up and Butters is on the right and Token is on the left.

Correction: First of all, as we can see, they take several pictures to use as potential album covers (including one where we just see their heads together, which is never seen again). It is possible that the boys moved around and changed places for a second or third photo, which was later chosen to be their album cover. Secondly, even if they had only taken one photograph standing in those specific poses, with a good photo editing program it would take about 5 seconds to make Token and Butters switch places, if they decided it would look better that way.


Death - S1-E6

Corrected entry: When Death is watching Terrance and Phillip, they are wearing astronaut suits with the American Flag on them. But since Terrance and Phillip are Canadian, shouldn't the Canadian Flag be present on their suits instead of the American one?

Correction: Not if they are doing a skit show where they play the part of American astronauts. They are comedians, after all.


Show generally

Corrected entry: In episode 8-14 "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset," Paris Hilton is defeated in the "Whore Off" by Mr. Slave. Soon she meets the Frog King who tells her that she must travel through Mr. Slave's intestine or she will surely die. The problem is that when the hamster Lemmiwinks freed himself in Season Six, episode 14, all of Mr. Slave's "friends" were freed with him, including the Frog King. Why did they come back?

Correction: Well, seeing how all of Lemmiwinks' "helpers" inside Mr. Slave were spiritual, it is impossible to say for certain what their exact limitations and powers were. One possible explanation is that the Frog King really did leave mr. Slave, but chose to reappear inside him when needed to help others who would be trapped there. Or it is possible that they had gained the freedom to leave, but never actually did so. It basically boils down to a character decision, which is not a mistake unless you specifically know their motivations.


The Tooth Fairy's TATS 2000 - S4-E1

Corrected entry: During the dentists conference, the main speaker is showing a slide showing the half chicken - half squirrel solving an algebra problem. The problem is done incorrectly.

Correction: Character mistake, not a show mistake.


Red Sleigh Down - S6-E17

Corrected entry: Santa's reindeer can fly around the world at super speed, but can't avoid bullets?

Correction: They were caught off guard and had no training in dodging bullets (they are Santa's reindeer, after all).

Up the Down Steroid - S8-E2

Corrected entry: Timmy and Jimmy would not have competed in the same heats in the Special Olympics because they have different disabilities. Timmy would have competed in the wheelchair division, while Jimmy would have competed in the Down Syndrome division.

Correction: Jimmy has Cerebral Palsy, not Downs Syndrome.

Show generally

Corrected entry: In the school classroom the alphabet above the chalkboard is all screwed up with the alphabet in capitals being normal but the lower case letters are all jumbled up.

Tobin OReilly

Correction: Yes, that's true, but it is an ongoing joke. How can the kids learn if even the alphabet is all screwed up? As Stan said himself, "We just fake it to shut him up."


Over Logging - S12-E6

Factual error: Kyle says he has to log on before school. The next shot shows "Monday 8 days later." 8 days before is a Sunday. (00:04:45)

Ssiscool Premium member
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Weight Gain 4000 - S1-E3

Kyle: Cartman, you have such a fat ass, that when you walk down the street people go, "God, dammit thats a big fat ass!'
Cartman: They do not!
Random guy: God Dammit, thats a big fat ass!

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Trivia: The creators of the show, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, based the Stan Marsh and Kyle Brosfloski characters after themselves (Stan being Parker and Kyle being Stone.) The Eric Cartman character was partly based on Archie Bunker.

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