South Park

Season 3 generally

Easter egg: On disc 1 of South Park, go to the set up menu. From the guest option of this Menu, hit left. Sexual Harassment Panda's ears becomes highlighted. Select and one of his explanatory pictures will be shown. On Disc 2, go to Set Up again. Highlight the feature that next to Moses. Hit left. This will make Moses shoot laser beams out of his eyes. On Disc 3, Select Set Up. Highlight the fourth one. Hit left one more time. Mr. Hankey's Santa hat becomes selected. Hitting enter disappearing.

Jewbilee (3) - S3-E9

Easter egg: On the set up menu in Disc 2, highlight the feature that is next to Moses. Hit left. This will Moses shoot laser beams out of his eyes. With his mouth open.

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Weight Gain 4000 - S1-E3

Kyle: Cartman, you have such a fat ass, that when you walk down the street people go, "God, dammit thats a big fat ass!'
Cartman: They do not!
Random guy: God Dammit, thats a big fat ass!

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Answer: Scottsdale is a well-liked destination for fun; resorts and spas, outdoor activities like hiking and rock climbing, golfing, cultural events, and a bouncy nightlife. It's generally considered an upbeat and convivial place, exactly the sort of environment the gloomy Goth kids would consider to be awful.


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