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Castle picture

The Final Frontier - S5-E6

Easter egg: On Disc 2 of the season 5 DVD set, enter the bonus features menu. Below the selection for the main menu, there is an image of a UFO. Select it for a short behind-the-scenes clip showing the construction of the "Nebula 9 Fan Experience" set.

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24 (2001)

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Criminal Minds picture

Season 1 generally

Easter egg: In the special features on Disc 6, go down to "Inside Quantico and the Criminal Mind", and press right on your control; this should highlight the image of a gun. Select it to view a short tour of the CM offices and set with Edward Allen Bernero's assistant Rosalie.

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Life on Mars picture

Show generally

Easter egg: On the Series 1 Disc 4 on the main menu, when you have the 'Play All' button highlighted, go up and highlight what looks like a mobile phone. If you press enter you get the director of the first two episodes discussing the use of CGI within said episodes for about 2 1/2 minutes.

David Hutchinson

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Reno 911! picture

Season 2 generally

Easter egg: In Season 2, Disc 3 go to the extra features. Go down to Alternate/Deleted Scenes and push right. Lt. Dangles shorts should light up. Push play and you will see the last episode of Season 2 but with voiceovers by other people.

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South Park picture

Jewbilee (3) - S3-E9

Easter egg: On the set up menu in Disc 2, highlight the feature that is next to Moses. Hit left. This will Moses shoot laser beams out of his eyes. With his mouth open.

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