Life on Mars

Life on Mars (2006)

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Other mistake: The registration number of the Ford Zephyr police car is RVP154G but the security etching on the window reads EKM414C.

Show generally

Other mistake: In the episode where Sam has to defuse a car bomb, a small boy stares down the camera close up during the street clearance shot.

Show generally

Factual error: In the penultimate episode of series 2, the date is given as July 1973, but in an earlier episode when the police were raiding the drug dealer's house, Cozy Powell's record "Dance with the Devil" can be heard. This was a Christmas time hit in 1973.

Show generally

Continuity mistake: In the episode about the Asian drug dealers, when Sam is tied to a bed and an iron is roped to his chest, the ropes change position depending on the camera angle.

Show generally

Character mistake: When Hunt was interviewing Rocket, he asked him who killed the Paki. At the time, the Asian man who had been shot was still alive in hospital, only to die later in that episode.

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