Life on Mars

Trivia: The working title for "Life on Mars" was "Ford Granada" - a reference to the car that appeared in the 1970s Police Drama "The Sweeney". Related trivia: when "Life On Mars" was screened by a German TV Network, it was retitled "Gefangen in den 70ern" which translates into English as "Trapped In The 70s"

Episode 5 - S1-E5

Trivia: Chris is in front of and to the left of the camera, which is on Sam as he runs up and they have a 10 second dialogue. Sam then turns round and runs back the way he came, shouting "Annie". The camera tracks to follow him and at the very last moment Chris is forced to jump out of the way to avoid being hit. (If you listen to the audio commentary you can hear the producer laughing about this). (00:40:25)

Trivia: Continual references are made to The Wizard of Oz. In episode 1 of season 1, Tyler leaves the station with the intention of walking back to reality. He says to Cartwright that he is going to 'follow the yellow brick road'. In episode two, after the principal drama has resolved Tyler suggests to Hunt that his 'guv' transfer him back to the division he came from. Hunt obliges by picking up his phone and saying that the Wizard of Oz will sort it out 'because of the wonderful things he does'. Throughout the series Hunt insultingly refers to Tyler as 'Dorothy'. And in the final episode, the song 'Over The Rainbow' can be heard in the soundtrack. Furthermore, the character Frank Morgan has the same name as the actor who portrayed the Wizard of Oz, an acknowledged "humbug", in the 1939 film.

Trivia: In Series 2 Episode 4, the track "Lay Down" by The Strawbs can be heard early in the episode. However, when Life On Mars Series 2 was released on DVD, The Strawbs' record company refused permission for the track to be used. It was replaced (at the same point in the soundtrack) by "The Story In Your Eyes" by The Moody Blues.

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