His Story - S2-E15

Continuity mistake: Right after Kelso thanks Cox and walks away, one earpiece of Cox's stethoscope is hooked under his coat lapel. When the shot changes to show Cox turning around, both earpieces are free and hanging lower on Cox's chest.


My Overkill - S2-E1

Audio problem: When JD borrows the green scrub bottoms, the guy lending them to him says "Don't stain them" but his mouth stays closed.


My Quarantine - S4-E16

Continuity mistake: When they are telling about their first date experiences and Todd begin telling his, the Janitor is standing with his arms down. When it cuts he has his arms crossed.

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My Hero (2) - S1-E23

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Ben has several Polaroid photographs scattered on top of his bed sheets, the position of the photos changes between long shots and close ups.

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My Hero (2) - S1-E23

Continuity mistake: When Carla and Elliot are in the cafeteria, just after Doug sits down at their table, the top from Elliot's bottle of water moves across the table.


My Malpractice Decision (aka My MalPractical Decision) - S4-E9

Continuity mistake: When JD and Nina are kissing at the end of the episode, the direction in which JD tilts his head changes twice, when the camera reverses on itself.

My Big Brother - S2-E6

Continuity mistake: When Dr. Kelso is chewing out JD, the amount of banana peel hanging out of JD's pocket changes from shot to shot.


My Porcelain God - S3-E13

Continuity mistake: The napkin on Dr. Casey's cup turns a quarter turn while talking to Elliot before he gets up from the table. (00:12:45)


My Own Private Practice Guy - S2-E17

Continuity mistake: When Laverne does a slam dunk, you can see that the ramp leading to the hospital main entrance has no-one standing on it or in front of it. But before and after the slam dunk you see see two doctors with a basketball on the ramp, and Franklin standing remarkably still, with a camera, in front of it.

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My Way or the Highway - S1-E20

Continuity mistake: In the first scene when JD is playing with the pin art, you can see that his eye sockets have made an impression in the pins. Cut to the close up, and the eye area is completely flat.


My Drama Queen - S2-E21

Continuity mistake: Laverne's soda can goes from being on her notepad to on the table between shots.


My Old Friend's New Friend - S4-E1

Visible crew/equipment: When JD and the Janitor are having a conversation outside the hospital, on the giant X, crew members are reflected in JD's helmet when the camera is facing the Janitor.

My Catalyst - S3-E12

Continuity mistake: When Ted falls off the roof you should be able to see the garbage bags he falls on, But they're not there while he's falling. You see nothing but the roof top below. (00:22:05)


My Last Day - S1-E24

Other mistake: When J.D. is walking towards the hospital on his last day, it's actually the same shot of him walking towards the hospital on his first day. (00:01:40)


My New Role - S8-E7

Audio problem: Season 8, episode 7 "My New Role": Before the opening credits, JD taps a pencil against a cup, and other various devices in the hospital start making a song. At the end of this song, the Janitor can be seen playing the bongo. The rhythm of his hands do not match the rhythm of the bongo sounds at all. After the song ends, JD turns to the Janitor, who is again playing the bongo. This time, however, his rhythm of his hands do match up with the rhythm of the bongo sounds.


My Own Private Practice Guy - S2-E17

Continuity mistake: When Dr. Fisher stands up from being tackled by Dr. Cox, his stethoscope is outside his collar. When he turns around, his stethoscope is now completely hidden by his coat collar.


My New Suit - S5-E18

Continuity mistake: As JD is unwrapping the patients head while talking to the Janitor, he completely unwraps the gauze and there is 3-4 inches of hair showing. The shot changes and suddenly the head has gauze on it again and only about an inch of hair is visible above the bandage.


My Common Enemy - S4-E7

Factual error: In the scene where J.D goes to Elliot's apartment and finds Dan there he sings along to "Thank you" by Dido. However that song is from the album "No Angel". The album cover shown in the episode is "Life for rent" which doesn't feature the song.


My Hard Labor - S7-E2

Continuity mistake: While Kim is holding the baby for the first time, she has her right hand under the baby. When JD asks if he can hold the baby, her right hand has moved and is holding the baby's head.

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My Quarantine - S4-E16

Other mistake: When the Janitor plays with Kelso 'double or nothing' for tossing the cotton ball a second time in the jar, Todd tells Kelso he now owes him $600, in the end it was $700. This isn't a 'double or nothing' amount of money the Janitor could generate. They started with $5, so the count would be 5 - 10 - 20 - 40 - 80 - 160 - 320 - 640 - 1280 and so on.


Elliot: Dr. Cox, does this lipstick make me look like a clown?
Dr. Cox: No, Barbie... It makes you look like a prostitute who caters exclusively TO clowns.

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Trivia: Ben Sullivan, Dr. Cox's best friend and brother-in-law, loves his camera and takes pictures everywhere he goes. Brendan Fraser, who plays Ben, has a great interest for photography in real life.

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