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Factual error: Abe Carver was a police commander. Consequently, his funeral should have been attended by the city's entire police force, in full uniform. The funeral would have been a solemn affair carried out in conjunction with the municipal government, and certainly would not have been combined with the funerals of two other people.


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Hattie: Dr. Stiner will you help me? I'm putting myself in your hands.
Rolf: Hattie, there is too much of you to fit in my hands.

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Trivia: On 10/22/03, Bonnie overhears Jennifer talking on the phone to Adrienne, and she comments that the name sounds familiar. The joke is that Judi Evans Luciano, the actress who plays Bonnie, used to play Adrienne in the late '80s.


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Answer: They haven't mentioned them in a long time. Once they stopped trying to make him look guilty his headaches suddenly disappeared. It may still be explained later as the SK storyline is supposed to not be tied up till early 2005.

Jack's Revenge

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